Hi, all you lovely Rosewood customers

Thank goodness we’ve had a bit of rain at last, although the hot weather is on its way back, so I hear.  Image result for dry gardens hot weather uk summer 2018

When you look around at the parched lawns and dead-leaved shrubs in gardens without irrigation, it’s easy to see how useful it is.  All those of you with a Rosewood irrigation system already in place will be delightedly smug that you had it installed, and I’m sure that those of you who don’t yet have automatic watering sorted out for your precious plants will be wishing that you had thought about it earlier.  I know Image result for lush green lawnI breathe a sigh of relief every time the system clicks on and the watering begins without me having to lift a finger!

It’s time to return to our Rosewood A-Z.  We’ve reached the letter X, which is a tricky one, I’m sure you’ll agree.  However, despite Rosewood having no need for X-rays, I’ve still managed to find something for you!

X is for Xfm / Radio X

While the lovely Rosewood boys are working, a bit of music keeps them cheerful even when the going is tough.  Hugo in particular loves nothing more than a good singalong to whatever is playing on Radio X, but morale is important to all of us here at Rosewood, so we all enjoy a happy working atmosphere.

X is also for xylophone

Not really, I’m joking….


Until next month

Rosie x

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Hi, Friends of Rosewood

Well haven’t we been having a scorching summer so far?  I don’t know about you, but I’ve hardly had a moment to spare, what with all the lying outside in the garden on my deckchair, drinking long cool drinks and watching while my Rosewood Irrigation system waters all my plants for me.  It’s been wonderful!

Are you making holiday plans? Don’t forget that while you’re away, an irrigation system will give you absolute peace of mind regarding the health of your precious garden.  If you don’t already have one, please get in touch with us as soon as possible so that we can come and see what sort of system would suit you best.  The lovely Andy, our system designer, is so good at working out what would be necessary for any individual garden.  Just give us a call on 01727 811448 and we’ll work out a time that’s convenient for you.

Let’s get back to  our Rosewood A-Z now.  This month it’s time for the letter W

W is for Water

This one goes without saying!!  Obviously our work involves dealing with water on a daily basis, and we are experts in checking technical aspects like the flow rate and water pressure at each property.   However, we are just as interested in the fact that water is a precious commodity that should not be used thoughtlessly.   Using an irrigation system makes sure that every drop of water you use targets the plants you want to water, rather than being dispersed more generally.  In this way, supplies are reserved for where they’re needed, and you can be pleased that your water wastage is kept to a minimum.

You may be worried that in spells of dry weather, you might be affected by a hosepipe ban imposed by your local water authority, but, don’t worry friends – you’ll be delighted to hear that dripline is exempt from hosepipe bans due to its efficiency at conserving water.

W is also for Wi-Fi

One of the fantastic technological advances in our field that we have seen recently is the wi-fi module that can be used with a mains-operated controller.  This module eliminates the need for a rain sensor, and is used to gather information from local weather stations and prevent unnecessary watering in rainy weather.  If you download the Rain Bird app that goes with it, you can also control your irrigation system from anywhere in the world using a smartphone.  So while you’re lying on a beach in the Caribbean, you can make sure that your garden is being watered properly!  It’s amazing!!



Until next month

Rosie x

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Good morning, all you lovely Rosewood clients,

Well, the Rosewood boys have been SO busy over the last few weeks.  There have been the usual start-up services to do, making sure that all you regular clients have your systems up and running once the winter shut-down period is over, but there has also been a flood (no pun intended) of new customers wanting the benefit of having one of our irrigation systems installed.

Unlike the boys, who have barely stopped  working, I’m writing to you from my sunlounger, which is just where I hoped I would be!  Thank goodness we’ve had some lovely warm weather again at last, although everything has its price.  With this ever-changing weather, my neighbours were complaining about how quickly the pots on their patio dry out once we have even a day or so without rain, but I told them that I never have to worry about mine.  I have irrigation to all my pots as well as to the lawn and borders, and because the system is zoned to suit the requirements of each separate area, the containers get just the amount of water they need, without me having to even think about them!  So….another G&T if you please….I’m going to stay on this lounger and enjoy the sunshine in the beautiful setting of my lovely garden – always lush and green thanks to Rosewood.

Let’s get back to  our Rosewood A-Z now.  This month it’s time for the letter V

V is for Victoria

Victoria owns the company jointly with Andy, and although Andy is in charge of the design and installation side of things, Victoria is the one who makes it all happen.  She is always incredibly busy taking your calls, organising the diary, and making sure that Andy and the installation teams are in the right place at the right time doing the right thing.  Everything would fall apart without her!

V is also for Vans (which are also called Victoria!)

Rosewood has several vehicles which bring the boys, the machinery and the materials to install and maintain your systems.   Andy is a big softy and named the first Rosewood van Victoria after the lovely Victoria seen above.  After Victoria 1 came Victoria 2, and so on up to Victoria 7, and each one carries its name, along with our Rosewood logo and my picture, so you should all recognise me!

Until next month

Rosie x

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Hello Friends, it’s Rosie here

Well, I’m so grateful that we’ve had some lovely weather at last, but here in England we do suffer some strange fluctuations from one day to the next, don’t you think?  It only seems a moment ago that I was telling you about the hardy Rosewood boys battling on in the snow, and then we had torrential rain, and then record-breaking high temperatures, and now rain again, all in the space of a few weeks!

Luckily, an irrigation system copes beautifully with our changeable weather.  Once the danger of frost is past and it is started up for the summer, a Rosewood system waters your precious plants and lawns just as they require, and with a rain sensor added, the system switches itself off automatically in wet weather so it isn’t wasting water unnecessarily.  Let’s not think about rain though –

In my head I’m back to last week, luxuriating in the sunshine, lying down in the garden with a gin and tonic in one hand and a magazine in the other, and thanking Rosewood that I can rely on the irrigation system and don’t have to lug the watering can and hose around the garden.   Let’s hope the sun comes back soon!!!


Now it’s time to return to our Rosewood A-Z.  This month it’s the letter U

U is for uniform

Here at Rosewood we like our boys in uniform.  We think it makes it clear that we all have a loyalty to the company, and being proud of Rosewood makes everybody proud to do their best for our lovely customers too!!



Enjoy the garden whatever the weather,

Until next month,

Rosie x

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Hello all you lovely Rosewood clients, it’s Rosie here with our monthly blog

Thankfully we’ve been granted some slightly better weather since the last time I spoke to you, and although we’ve had a fair bit of rain, it has been a mild month in comparison to snowy February, and I’ve found myself thinking ahead to a summer of warm lazy days in the garden – let’s hope so anyway!  March has gone by very quickly, with lots to do, and now suddenly this year’s early Easter is upon us.

Download Wallpaper Beautiful flowers in the garden - Happy spring time


Now it’s time to return to our Rosewood A-Z.  This month it’s the letter T

T is for Tank

Very many of our installations do not require a tank and pump, but in some cases (for example, where water pressure and flow would be inadequate, or where pop-up sprinklers form part of the system) a tank does prove necessary.

When this is so, Andy, our lovely Rosewood system designer, is a whiz at locating tanks in the best possible position in terms of minimising visual impact.  He is very good at using that space at the back of the shed, or screening a tank behind planting where it won’t be seen.  The photo you can see here demonstrates just that: this large garden needed a larger-than-usual tank that, despite its size, is positioned discreetly within established shrubbery.  The control board in front of it is wooden and these can be stained or painted as desired to fit in with surroundings.

T is also for Trencher and Turfcutter

The boys at Rosewood couldn’t manage without their marvellous machines, the Turfcutter and the Trencher.  Yes, I know they sound like extras from a Mad Max film, or from Robot Wars, but they are in fact extremely wonderful pieces of equipment that help us to do our job quickly and neatly.  The turfcutter allows us to remove neat squares of turf that can be set aside carefully and replaced exactly where they were as soon as a section is done, and the trencher cuts a narrow and very neat trench out of the ground so that we can lay pipework for your irrigation systems.  These two machines allow us to reinstate your lawns exactly as we found them so that the installation of your irrigation causes minimal disruption to you or your garden.  Hooray!!  You probably know that we’re now UK distributors for our trencher, so if you need to buy one (or hire one for the day with a trained operator to work it!) then look at our ‘Trenchers’ page for details.

And finally T is for Twitter

I’m happy to say that you can find us on Twitter (and other social media).  We are @RosewoodIrrig if you want to follow us.  Just click on the twitter link in the right-hand column on this page and it will take you there.

Speak to you soon, and a Happy Easter to you all,

Rosie x

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Hello Friends, it’s Rosie here

Here’s the beautiful picture I selected to illustrate this month’s message to all you lovely Rosewood customers – beautiful crocuses in different colours.  I chose it a few days ago, before we had this terrible cold spell, when I was thinking about how spring was almost here, and that winter seemed to be behind us.  Everywhere I looked, these gorgeous little flowers were emerging, and the grassy areas near my house were covered in them.  Unfortunately Nature had a trick up her sleeve and, as so often happens, we have had a snowy February again this year.  The last few days have been icy cold, and I fear that the crocuses will be hidden with a white blanket for a few days now.  But take a look at what’s there, if only we could see beneath the snow!

Now it’s time for our monthly look at the Rosewood A-Z.  We’ve reached the letter S

S is for Sprinklers, Sprayheads, Shrubblers and Sensors

I’m sure that you’ll all be familiar with these terms if you already have an irrigation system installed, but for those of you who are only at the point of contemplating the idea, our website carries a lot of information about these items if you want to know more.  When we come up with a design to suit your individual requirements we might use any or all of these as part of the system we suggest for you.  Take a look at our ‘Irrigate’ page to find detailed material about these components and many more.

S is also for Steve

I wanted to introduce you to Steve, the newest member of the wonderful Rosewood gang and already indispensable to us.  He leads one of the two installation teams, and is much appreciated by colleagues for his perfectionism, his hard-working approach and his friendliness

and finally, S is for Spring start-ups

 I know that with the freezing temperatures we’re suffering it suddenly seems an elusive dream, but spring really IS on its way, I promise you.  Victoria is hard at work organising the spring start-up schedule, when our boys visit you to check your irrigation systems  following their dormant period over the winter, and start them up again ready for the dry weather to come.  If you’ve asked to be included, you’ll be contacted over the next week or so and offered an appointment in April or May depending on your location.

Wishing you a great start to the spring wherever you might be and whenever it comes!

Until next month,

Rosie x

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Welcome to 2018, all you lovely Rosewood friends,

This month we’ve seen a little more snow, but we’ve also enjoyed the first signs that winter won’t last forever – the snowdrops are coming up everywhere, and today as I was doing a little tidying up in the garden, the sun was shining and the sky was blue for the first time in ages!  It won’t be long until we can all be outside making the most of our green and pleasant land – helped a little by our wonderful irrigation systems that totally remove the time-consuming task of watering.  I love being able to relax and know that my precious plants are getting the exact amount of water they need, and I’m sure you feel the same.  So once spring is properly here, Victoria will get in touch with you all and organise the schedule of start-up appointments – then our boys can get round to everybody who needs this service and make sure that all your systems are switched on and working at their best for you.

Goodness me, we’ve reached the letter R in our Rosewood A-Z!

R is for Rosewood (of course!)

We’re proud to have been made aware through your testimonials, written and verbal, that the name Rosewood stands for friendly and helpful service, excellent design, superb results, and efficient maintenance to keep your systems in tip-top working order.  We’re so pleased to know that many of you think we’re the best!  If you have a google account do sign in and search for our business on google maps so that you can write a review of Rosewood if you would like to.

R is also for Rain Bird and Root-watering system

Here at Rosewood we’re proud to say that in our irrigation system designs we use parts manufactured by Rain Bird.  We always prefer to stick to high-quality components that perform well over a decent length of time rather than cutting costs by using cheaper poor quality parts that may fail quickly or perhaps give less successful results right from the start.

Rain Bird Root Watering System

One recent development from Rain Bird is their patented Root Watering System (RWS) which we are very impressed with so far.
This enables trees or larger shrubs to receive water and nutrients straight to the deep roots, promoting a stronger, broader root development that anchors the plant more firmly in the ground, and at the same time discourages the formation solely of shallow roots only just below the ground as seen when plants are forced to seek water at the soil surface.  We don’t know why nobody thought of this before, but if anybody was going to come up with a great idea in the irrigation field it would be Rain Bird.

Speak to you again next month

Rosie x

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Hello Friends, it’s Rosie here.

December has been a mixed month, hasn’t it?  Did you have an outrageous amount of snow on the 10th?  I don’t know about where you live, but in our area we woke up that Sunday morning to find a deep white blanket covering trees, rooftops, vehicles, roads, gardens and everything else.

 As always when it has just snowed, the world looked beautiful, but preferably viewed from indoors!!

For the first time in Rosewood’s history we were forced to close for a day, as there was no way that we could travel to the projects we had booked on Monday 11th.  Sincere apologies to those affected, but it would have been absolutely impossible.  However, those hardy boys were back to work on Tuesday despite continuing snow and ice – you can see the conditions they had to endure in the photograph, showing them getting on with it snow notwithstanding.

Well, it’s time for the letter Q in our Rosewood A-Z.

Q is for Quality

Here at Rosewood we value quality in everything we do: Quality of design (coming up with tailor-made systems to best suit every individual client and their location); Quality of materials (we use the best component parts and associated products that we can find); Quality of construction and workmanship (every member of the Rosewood field team is trained carefully in order to maintain our high standards); and finally, Quality of service (we aim to leave every customer happy, and office staff and field staff alike put ourselves out to ensure that aim is achieved wherever it is humanly possible).

Q is also for Quiet

This is a rare thing, but the Rosewood yard and office has been quiet just for a few days because we close over Christmas and New Year……

BUT right now we’re partying the night away, and I need to get my champagne glass refilled!  It only remains for me to wish you all a prosperous and happy 2018.  See you next year!!

Rosie x

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Hello again, lovely Rosewood customers,

I don’t know about you, but I’ve found November very cold! I’ve been in winter woollies for a good while now, and I feel glad that I don’t have to work outside, unlike our wonderful boys who have been hard at work shutting down the last of your irrigations systems before freezing temperatures cause damage.  Luckily they’re a hardy lot!!!

The year is disappearing fast, isn’t it?  We’ve already reached the letter P in our Rosewood A-Z.

P is for Pressure

No, despite the fact that there are less than four weeks to go, I’m not meaning the sort that is giving me Christmas shopping headaches!  I’m talking about water pressure for your garden irrigation system.  People sometimes worry about whether the water pressure at their property is good enough to sustain the flow that’s needed, but we reassure all our potential customers that this needn’t be an issue.  In cases where pressure or flow rate is lower than might be hoped for, we have the solution!  Rosewood can install tanks and pumps (P IS FOR PUMP TOO!) in the most unobtrusive way possible so that any property can benefit from irrigation.  The fairly large tank in the photo had just been put in, and you can see that, thanks to the way it has been located, it is already partly hidden, and by the time the nearby planting is better established, it will be barely visible at all.

P is also for Politeness

We at Rosewood are firm believers in the saying that politeness costs nothing.  Victoria, who is in charge of the office here at Rosewood HQ, is always happy to respond to your calls and emails in the most customer-friendly way possible, and Andy and the rest of the boys do their best to be courteous, friendly, helpful and considerate at all times, even when they are working in the cold and the wet!  We’re proud of the way clients comment on this in our many testimonials.

And talking of extending a polite and friendly service to all, I’ve realised that the season of goodwill is almost here.  I hope you have a great December and a lovely Christmas – see you again on New Year’s Eve!!

Rosie x

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Hello Friends, it’s Rosie here.

Where we are the weather has turned suddenly this week, and autumn seems right on the brink of winter.  The temperature has cooled, but the rain has stopped, giving way to bright, cold days.  The colours in our landscape and our gardens is beautiful at the moment.

Of course we want to keep our gardens beautiful in all seasons and all weathers – I have to sing the praises of an irrigation system to help with that.  As I said last month, it’s the season to have your system properly shut down for the winter to avoid damage while it’s not needed, so our Rosewood boys have been busy performing this service, but we still have a lot of new installations taking place.  In some ways, winter is the BEST time for a new system to be set up.  Plant growth is dormant so the work disturbs established planting much less.  Then when spring arrives the irrigation is all in place ready for use.

Anyway, I must get on with telling you about the letter O in our Rosewood A-Z.

O is for Octamitter

An octamitter shrubbler has eight (surprise surprise!) separate jets that cover a full circle.  The jets can be adjusted so that the ‘reach’ from the centre head can be increased or decreased

O is also for Outside supply

An outside water supply already in place, and an outdoor electricity supply are useful when installing an irrigation system, but not essential by any means.  You might think that we could not install a system without them, but this is not the case.  Rosewood has a solution to every problem!  Battery operated timers can be supplied, and we can arrange to bring the water where it’s needed.  Sit back and let us work out a design to suit your needs.

Happy Hallowe’en to you all

See you next month,

Rosie x

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Greetings to you all, it’s Rosie here.

Well, the weather has been incredibly wet here at Rosewood HQ; how about where you are?  To be honest, with the amount of rain we’ve had this week I wonder sometimes about the need for an irrigation system, but then I remember the most important benefit of having it – that it is totally controllable and predictable, unlike the weather!  While the system is active in spring, summer and autumn, it gives precisely measured watering to all our precious lawns, borders, trees and shrubs, but rain sensors turn it off when the weather is wet, stopping us from wasting precious water.  During the winter months when growth is dormant and weather is generally wetter anyway, the system is turned off.  Actually we’ve been busy working on the shut-down schedule for the coming winter, and soon we’ll be sending out maintenance figures to all our lovely clients, followed by offers of shut-down appointments so that we can maintain your systems in peak health over the winter, saving you any worry about it.

Now then, it’s time to continue with our Rosewood alphabet.  Unbelievably, we’ve passed the half-way mark – this month we’ve reached the letter N.

N is for New

New technology, to be precise.   As times goes on, advances are made in all sorts of areas, and the world of irrigation systems is no exception.  We’re lucky that these brand new technological advances allow our very ancient human instinct to be out in the natural world to be enjoyed with a lot less effort!  Over recent years (and even over recent months) we at Rosewood have seen huge steps forward in the industry.  System controllers are infinitely more user-friendly than they used to be; easy-to-install wireless rain-sensors are becoming the norm (rather than the hard-wired sort); and we now have the incredible Rain Bird WiFi module that can be installed with any system controller.  This amazing gadget has several functions.  It monitors local weather stations in order to tell the system whether there’s any need for it to switch on or not, taking the place of the traditional rain sensor.  Even more excitingly, it comes with a free app to download that enables the user to control the irrigation system via their mobile phone from anywhere in the world.  Just think, when I’m soaking up the sunshine on a lounger somewhere blazingly hot next summer, I can still have full control over what I want the system to be doing back in little old England, and my garden will look wonderful when I return.

N is also for noticeable….

….and by that I mean the marked difference between plants that have received irrigation and those that haven’t.  We don’t often get the opportunity to compare irrigated planting against a control group, but I thought you might be interested to take a closer look at a photograph we have had on our website for a while now.

IMG_4170 smaller copy

We had installed irrigation on both sides of this garden path, but unfortunately, the client had inadvertently switched off the irrigation to one zone.  This meant that the plants on only one side of the path had irrigation:  I think you can tell which!!!!

So, to any of you who might be considering the value of irrigation in the wake of recent downpours, rest assured that it still works wonders, even in a temperate climate like ours.

See you next month,

Rosie x

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Hello friends, Rosie here.

Well, here at Rosewood we’ve been frantically busy indoors and out, with Andy, Hugo and the rest of the boys busy with installations all summer, and Victoria and Catherine in the office starting work on an appointment schedule for winter shut-downs so that we can make sure all the systems we’ve installed (and some we didn’t!) run smoothly year after year. It may seem early in the year to be thinking about this but we have to agree a schedule with hundreds of lovely Rosewood customers and this takes months of planning! Coincidentally, we’ve reached the letter M in our Rosewood alphabet this month, and very definitely uppermost in our minds

M is for Maintenance

Our boys understand how important it is to look after an irrigation system so that it continues to perform at its best year after year.  In simple terms this means that every winter the system needs draining and shutting down so that while irrigation isn’t required during the colder, wetter months there is no danger of water freezing inside the system and causing damage to pipework or electrical components.  This photo shows what has happened to a solenoid valve in a system that WASN’T drained down for the winter.  By contrast, a carefully performed shut-down ensures a good result when we return in springtime to start up the system for the new season.  At both maintenance times we give your system a thorough check too, making sure that all is as it should be, so you can continue to relax and let Rosewood do the work.

M is also for Microsprinklers and Misters

There are many different types of irrigation that can be used in a system, and if you want to find out about them in more detail, take a look at our ‘Irrigate’ page, which goes through all kinds of sprinkler heads, root watering systems etc etc.  Misters and microsprinklers are two types that we might recommend.  Microsprinklers work like pop-ups but are connected to smaller gauge pipework and have smaller spray heads, ideal for wide beds rather than lawns.  Misters are ideal for planting that likes to be kept damp all over – things like ferns, for example – as they create a light mist of water rather than a concentrated jet in one place.

Whatever your garden and its requirements, don’t forget that Rosewood can help you keep it beautiful without you having to worry about it.

See you next month,

Rosie x

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Hello friends, it’s Rosie here again, with an update from the world of irrigation this month.

We’ve reached the letter L in our Rosewood A-Z:

L is for Lawns

One of our most important tasks here at Rosewood is dealing with the irrigation of lawns.  We take great pride in system designs which incorporate different zones for different areas of your garden, so that lawns receive exactly the irrigation they require, which will be different to planted borders, or patio containers etc

Different types of irrigation suit lawn areas, and the boys tell me that on the whole, rotor pop-up sprinklers are the best thing for larger areas of grass (as long as you have good water pressure and flow rate) as they deliver a forceful spray over a wide area.  We also use rotator pop-ups, which are well-suited to smaller areas of lawn and don’t need such strong water pressure to function – they also suit areas where there is overspray onto borders, as the jet fall lightly from above, designed to mimic natural rainfall.  The other choice is spray-head pop-ups, which deliver a non-rotating spray of water in a chosen direction – the best choice for irregular shapes or narrow areas of lawn.  All three of these function, as the name suggests, by popping up out of the ground when in use, and remaining hidden level with the ground the rest of the time, meaning that the lawn can be used without worrying about tripping over, and that mowing can be done as easily after installation as before.

Keep enjoying those gardens, everybody.

See you next month,

Rosie x

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Hello lovely Rosewood clients, it’s your friend Rosie here, bringing you news of what’s been happening with us this month.

 We’ve been frantically busy getting you all organised for the summer.  The hot weather has had our phone ringing off its hook for the last few weeks as more and more of you want a Rosewood system installed.  Our poor boys have been working heroically (continuing during weekends and evenings – even bank holidays) in order to keep up with the demand, so I can’t praise them highly enough, but there still seems to be a never-ending stream of people wanting them.  Thank you all for choosing us – we’ll always do our best to fit you in as soon as we can.

And now, we mustn’t forget the next letter in our Rosewood alphabet.   We’ve reached K:

K is for Knowledge

Knowledge is something you can rely on our Rosewood staff having in quids.  Our system designers and team leaders have a specialist understanding of the world of garden irrigation system design and installation that is second to none.  Their abilities and skills have been gained through theoretical learning and, even more importantly where irrigation systems are concerned, through years of experience in the field that gives them a familiarity and understanding that could not be bettered.  As team leaders they then pass on what they know first-hand to our engineers.  This means that each and every Rosewood employee who visits your garden will have specialist knowledge that helps to make your Rosewood system the perfect match for your location and requirements.

Keep enjoying those gardens, everybody.

See you next month,

Rosie x

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Hello friends – it’s Rosie here again, giving you an update on what’s been happening at Rosewood.

Well, like last month, May has been incredibly busy.  We have so many clients needing system start-ups or new installations that we’ve barely stopped working, but we love new customers nevertheless – welcome to you all.

Haven’t we had some lovely weather too?  It makes everybody want to get outside and enjoy the garden, but also points up how useful an irrigation system is in keeping all your planting lush and green even when it’s hot and sunny.  Do give us a call if you’ve been contemplating  whether irrigation is for you – we’re always happy to give you our advice.

Now for our Rosewood alphabet.  This month we’ve reached the letter J:

J is for Job vacancies

We are ALWAYS looking for enthusiastic workers to join us.  If you are hardworking and friendly, eager to learn new skills, enjoy working in the fresh air come rain or shine, and if you have experience in either irrigation itself (which would be ideal) or in landscaping or something similar (in which case we would be happy to give you the extra training necessary for irrigation installation and maintenance) then give Victoria a call or send us your CV.

Keep enjoying those gardens, everybody.

Until next month,

Rosie x

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Hello to all our Rosewood friends – it’s Rosie back with my monthly chat about the wonderful world of irrigation!

Well, we’ve had a busy April, continuing with our start-up services for new and existing customers, and somehow managing to fit in new installations as well.  It’s lucky our lovely Rosewood boys know how to work hard.  I don’t know about you but I love to see a man with taut biceps working in my garden…..

Oops, sorry….I must have drifted away for a moment then…… where was I?   Oh yes, that’s right, I was about to continue with the next letter in our Rosewood alphabet.  This month we’ve reached the letter I:

Obviously, I is for irrigation!

Irrigation is what helped human beings settle down in groups and begin to build civilisations rather than roaming around picking naturally growing plants to eat and throwing spears at passing mammoths in the hope of finding the next meal.  We learned that watering plants helps them to grow, and we planted the things we wanted to eat and watered them carefully for the best yield.  Later many of us became carefree enough to plant things simply for enjoyment, and in England we’re particularly well-known for loving our gardens.  But watering a whole garden can be a huge chore.  Not only that, if you’re away for more than a day or two in dry weather, all your hard work can be undone very quickly.  But now Irrigation can be a simple matter – Rosewood will design a system especially suited to each individual client’s own requirements, and every garden, from the smallest to the largest, can be watered in a way that allows the greatest enjoyment from the least effort.  Not only that but it can save water too – an irrigation system can make sure that the plants you want watering are targeted specifically without releasing water over a huge area unnecessarily.  There’s lots of information spread over our website if you want to find out more, but if you need the answer to specific questions, give us a call on 01727 811448

I is also for individual pressure-compensating drippers

Not so obvious, that one!!  In case you didn’t know, an individual pressure-compensating dripper is used to make sure that every dripper along a supply pipe emits the same amount of water per hour no matter what the water pressure coming into the pipe.  This makes certain that if the inlet pressure is variable due to the vagiaries of the water supply or the unevenness of the landscape, the individual pc dripper maintains the same flow and it’s easy to calculate how much water is being emitted.  Easy when you know!  Actually friends, all you need to understand is that Andy here at Rosewood really knows his stuff, and will work out a system using whichever components best suit your own situation.  Those individual drippers are wonderful for baskets, pots, window boxes etc, but a lawn or a large border needs something different.  Let Rosewood work it all out for you.

Keep enjoying those gardens

Until next month,

Rosie x

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Hello friends – it’s Rosie here!

We at Rosewood have been SO busy dealing with our spring start-ups and new installations that we can hardly believe how quickly the month has passed by!  We’ve been enjoying some super weather at last – I hope you’ve had the chance to get out in the sunshine where you are.

As you’ll know if you’ve been following our Rosewood A-Z, we’ve reached the letter ‘H’ and once again, there are important things to tell you about:

H is for Hugo

I’ve already introduced you to several of our lovely Rosewood people, and this month it’s the turn of Hugo.  He’s an important member of our installation and maintenance team, and his attention to detail is second to none.  As well as keeping us all cheerful with his singing, he is always so enthusiastic and we’re proud to have him with us!

H is for Hanging Baskets

A well-tended hanging basket is a beautiful sight, and using an irrigation system to water them takes most of the work off your hands.  At Rosewood we would recommend micro-dripline for your baskets, whether the baskets are your only outdoor greenery, or the micro-dripline for them is part of a larger irrigation system using different methods for different areas of your garden.  Drip-line is favoured by water authorities due to its efficiency in conserving water, and it is exempt from hosepipe bans.  The dripline lies inside the basket and has pressure-compensating anti-syphon emitters at 15cm intervals along its length, each one delivering water at a rate of 3 litres per hour.

Just think of what a stunning display you can achieve with no ongoing effort!

Anyway, our start-ups are all going well, so your Rosewood systems will be up and running perfectly so that you can enjoy your gardens without the need to water them.  Let’s hope we get plenty more of this lovely weather!

Until next month,

Rosie x

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Hello Rosewood Friends, it’s Rosie here

February has been a very cold month – we’ve even seen some snow here at Rosewood HQ – but hopefully as we move into March we’ll see spring arrive properly.  Victoria has been hard at work arranging all the start-up appointments for next month so that the boys can get out to you, check your systems, and get them going once the winter is over.  That way you can look forward to a carefree spring and summer without having to worry about whether your precious borders and lawns are getting enough water.

It’s time for the letter G in our Rosewood alphabet, so here it is:

G is for Gardens

Image result for garden images ukWe all love being in the garden, especially once the weather improves, and we at Rosewood can help you to maintain a beautiful outside space whatever yours is like.  Many companies that design irrigation systems only deal with huge public spaces or enormous estates, but we at Rosewood are happy to deal with residential and business gardens alike.  We don’t mind if you have a sprawling country estate, a small garden attached to a semi-detached house in a suburban street, or a tiny balcony garden with some pots and window-boxes to give your apartment an attractive outlook – Rosewood can cater for all these situations and more.  We believe that all gardens can benefit from an irrigation system, and our expert designs ensure that your system will be tailored to suit the requirements of your particular situation.

G is for Grass Snake



We wanted to share this just because we loved it:  you’d be amazed at the wildlife that the boys encounter when they’re out working in the open, but this baby grass snake was a particularly exciting visitor.  It came to inspect the work we were doing and Andy took a quick snap to record the moment!



Enjoy the Spring as it arrives!

Until next month,

Rosie x

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Hello Friends, it’s Rosie here.

Well I don’t know about where you are, but here at Rosewood HQ we’ve had lots of days where the temperature has been sub-zero this January, so our Rosewood A to Z has reached a particularly apt letter:

F is for Freezing and Frost

Nobody loves gardens more than Rosewood, whatever the season and the weather, and we all know how beautiful a heavy frost can look.  Image result for frosty garden imagesBut sub-zero temperatures and water left in irrigation system pipe-work and components equal problems.  Freezing water in the pipes can burst them, just as it can pipes inside a house, and although such an event may not cause the devastation outside that it might indoors, it can still completely ruin an irrigation system.  Water left to freeze in a system can also cause malfunctions in electrical components, valves etc. and all of these issues will lead to the need for costly repair work.  Of course, Rosewood advises that all systems are properly shut-down for the winter, and our shut-down service includes draining the system completely so that problems due to freezing are avoided.  What’s more, we promise that if you use our shut-down service we will cover the cost of repairs should such problems arise.  We aim for peace of mind for our lovely customers whatever the eventuality!!

F is for Foxes

Image result for fox imagesRosewood admires nature in all its forms, and foxes are undoubtedly beautiful animals, but they can be a dreadful nuisance as far as dripline is concerned!!  Their activities can cause expensive damage, but we try to minimise this possibility by burying pipework in the ground unless cirumstances make it impossible to do so.

F is also for Facebook

We’d love you to follow us on Facebook.  We publish all our news there, as well as some special discounts that we offer from time to time that might interest you.  Why not take a look? You can find us here: or just click on our Facebook link in the column on the right of this page.

Well that’s all for now.   Keep well.

Until next month,

Rosie x

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Hello Rosewood friends,

It’s Rosie here, slightly late with my December post as I’ve been busy having a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, but I’d like to take the opportunity to wish you all a wonderful 2017.

Let’s hope we all get the chance to enjoy our gardens and all the other lovely things we’re blessed with.


We’re up to the letter ‘E’ now, in our Rosewood A-Z, and this month, I’m going to tell you about the following:

E is for Efficiency

Here at Rosewood we love to be efficient.  We aim to give our clients the best service possible, and that includes making the best use of our time and materials so that you get the best value for money.  On the practical side, we also make certain that we use top-quality parts in our irrigation designs so that again, you get the most efficient service from your system.  We don’t make the mistake of using cheap parts that give poor results, prefering to use better parts that last and provide the kind of system we’re proud to install.

E is for Enquiries and Email

Sending us an email is probably the easiest way to get in touch, and enables us to respond to any queries and enquiries with all the relevant information to hand.

You can contact Victoria or Andy at the addresses below:

Either one of them will try their utmost to deal with your questions as quickly and helpfully as possible.  I’ve already told you that we value efficiency very highly!

Well, that’s all for this month.

Happy New Year once again,

Speak to you soon,

Rosie x

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Meet Rosie!

Hi! I’m Rosie and I’m looking forward to getting to know you! Click on Blog to read my thoughts on the world of irrigation this month.


NEW OFFER!    Want to make sure that next summer your garden stays green?  Then plan ahead, and also save money with Rosewood’s special offer of 10% off all installations that are booked in for December 2018 and January 2019.  Check our  ‘Offers’ page for details.  Then give us a call on 01727 811448

GET THIS!  We are now official UK distributors for sales of the fantastic Ground Hog T-R12 trenching machine.  Great for digging a neat narrow trench for service cables, drainage, pipework etc. Check our Trenchers page for details.

DON’T FORGET!  Although our special winter deal has now expired, we have an ongoing offer of a free maintenance visit if you recommend Rosewood to a friend who then goes on to book an installation with us.  Check our Offers page for details.

WANT TO WORK FOR ROSEWOOD? – The vacancy we advertised in the spring, for GARDEN IRRIGATION INSTALLATION OPERATIVES, has been filled successfully, but our small friendly company always needs hardworking, amiable individuals. If you enjoy the outdoors and are eager to learn new skills, have a full clean driving licence and a background in landscaping or similar, we can train you in the specialist skills necessary.  Contact Victoria on 01727 811448 or email Victoria and she’ll be happy to talk to you about the possibility of working for us.

Even more fabulous news!!!: Our lovely clients Mr and Mrs Francis (see news item below) were the overall winners of the 2014 Daily Mail National Gardens Competition! Congratulations from all of us here!

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Dear Victoria
…… We have been most impressed by the work your company has carried out and would have no hesitation in recommending you to clients on other properties we manage.
Please pass our thanks to your team.


Lisa Ellis AIRPM
Head of Property Management and Senior Paralegal

Ms Ellis, Integrity Property Management, re. Viridian Square, Aylesbury
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