What is Garden Irrigation?

Garden irrigation is the application of water to soil using man-made methods rather than relying on natural rainfall.  It is used to aid the healthy growth of grass, plants and trees during periods of inadequate rain.  As different soil types drain at different rates, an automatic irrigation system allows the precise amount of water required by the specific landscape to be applied.  The automated control allows watering  to take place early in the morning or overnight, when the least amount of water is lost through evaporation.  Not only does it promote water conservation but it saves precious time that would have been spent watering the garden manually.  It also allows you to go on holiday safe in the knowledge that your beautiful garden will still be lush and green on your return.


SAVES TIME – You can put your garden hose away and let your Rosewood sprinkler system do the hard work for you.

SAVES MONEY – Your water bills will be lower and your plants & shrubs will live longer and thrive.

SAVES WATER – Your Rosewood irrigation system will use far less water than watering the garden by hand.

GIVES PEACE OF MIND – At Rosewood, customer care is our top priority.  We’re always there to answer any questions or queries, whether before, during or after installation, and you can be assured of the highest standards of service throughout.  That’s a promise.

Depending on our customers’ individual requirements we often find that a combination of different garden irrigation solutions are required to best meet the varying needs of particular landscapes.  When planning your system we think carefully about what would work best for you and your garden.  This could include any of the following:

Pop-up sprinklers

Rosewood would usually recommend pop-up sprinklers for the irrigation of your lawn area.  They are very discreet, being laid under the ground, and as they lie flush with the surface of your lawn they are more or less invisible when not in use and will not cause problems when mowing the grass.  The system controller is programmed so that the watering system comes on at specific times (most often in the early morning when the least amount of water evaporation occurs) and the pressure generated  when water enters the buried pipework causes the irrigation sprinklers to “pop-up” and work.  There are several different types:

rotor pop-up sprinklerRotor pop-up sprinklers – these are generally used only for larger lawn areas, and they need good water pressure and flow in order to deliver a forceful spray that covers a wider distance.


 Rotator pop-up sprinklers – also used mainly for lawns but are a better choice where water pressure and flow rates are lower as the spray is not designed to be as forceful.  They are well-suited also to areas where irrigation oversprays onto planted borders as the spray mimics natural rainfall without harsh jets of water and is therefore perfect to protect delicate planting.






Spray-head pop-up sprinklers – these are the best choice for narrow areas of lawn or irregularly-shaped areas that don’t need the wider spray of the rotary pop-ups.  They have a shorter throw so that water sprays over a narrower area.





Shrubblers are ideal for dense, low planting or large pots and containers as its spray reaches the root zone easily.  Shrubblers have an adjustable spray reach, which again makes them ideal for large containers:


A 36o degree shrubbler distributes water through a full circle, as its name suggests, so would be used in the centre of a large container or towards the middle of a bed.


                    Octamitter shrubblers like these have eight separate jets of water, but others are available with five jets, that operate across just a semi-circle.

Micro sprinkler systems


Sprinkler system performing irrigation watering.We would generally recommend the installation of micro irrigation sprinklers for watering wide borders. They work on the same principle as pop-up sprinklers but are connected to smaller gauge pipework and have smaller spray heads.

This microspray rotor is best suited to large beds and borders as its powerful spray might be too strong for pots and other containers




Misters are a very useful addition to irrigation systems where borders are planted with damp-loving plants like ferns, or in raised planters (including raised vegetable beds).  Whereas a normal full circle spray head directs a jet of water towards the circumference of its coverage, a mister covers the entire area of the circle, giving the whole area a gentle blanket of water.





This microspray mister is great for flower beds, borders and larger containers and planters




This is also a microspray mister, but with a slightly different spray pattern to the one above.  You can rely on Rosewood to select the right elements for a system that suits your planting exactly.



Rain Bird Root-watering System

This is an innovative system specifically designed to water trees and large shrubs, and has no above-ground components.
The system promotes healthy growth by allowing water, oxygen and nutrients to bypass compacted soil and directly reach the root systems of these plants.

It consists of a patented basket weave canister that is sunk directly into the ground and is intended for use with water dispensing devices such as a bubbler head or a drip emitter.


Drip line irrigation

Drip line irrigation watering minimises water use by allowing water to drip slowly to the roots of plants at a rate of 2.3 litres per hour through each emitter – either onto the soil surface or directly onto the root area – through a network of valves and pipes. The drip line is usually laid just below the surface of the soil, under a covering of mulch. We would usually recommend drip line for watering narrow borders and hedges and it is often used in conjunction with a pop-up sprinkler system to allow the most sensible distribution of water to your garden as a whole.



Micro-dripline is another irrigation solution, designed primarily for pots, window boxes and hanging baskets.  Due to its efficiency in conserving water it is another system that is favoured by water authorities, and is exempt from hosepipe bans.  The dripline has pressure-compensating anti-syphon emitters at 15cm intervals along its length, each one delivering water at a rate of 3 litres per hour.


Soaker Hose

Soaker hose is used in short lengths where the application of water is required over the whole soil surface, for example in a raised vegetable bed, a window box, or a patio pot.

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Pressure-compensating drippers & mini spray heads


For the irrigation watering of hanging baskets, patio containers and window boxes, we would recommend the use of pressure-compensating drippers and mini spray heads connected to micro bore pipe.  It is a simple and cost-effective automatic irrigation solution and is perfect for balconies and courtyards where there are no lawns or borders to consider.   It can of course also be used in conjunction with other solutions to provide a combined irrigation system.






Rain sensors and WiFi modules


solar_sync_sensorAs water conservation is usually high on the list of our customers’ priorities you might want to consider the addition of a rain sensor to your sprinkler system, allowing it to shut down in the event of rainfall.  Most sensors use discs that absorb water and swell in the presence of rain, and shrink back down again as they dry out.  An electrical switch is, in turn, depressed or released by the discs, temporarily suspending watering by the garden irrigation controller when rain has been sensed.  Sensors are available in both wireless and hard-wired versions.  Hard-wired sensors are great, but they have to be fitted close to the electrical system controller, and if this is in a position where rainfall cannot be sensed accurately (for example under trees or overhanging roofs) then a wireless sensor is a more sensible option because it can be set up in any convenient location up to a distance of 50-100m away if necessary.

A WiFi module can be installed to a mains-operated controller, eliminating the need for a rain sensor.  It pro-actively prevents unnecessary watering using information it gathers from local weather stations.  By also downloading the free Rain Bird app, this option offers users the additional benefit of controlling their irrigation system remotely from anywhere in the world via a mobile phone .




Controllers and timers

Probably the most important feature of an automatic irrigation system is the controller or timer, which allows you to set the times for when the system should come on or off throughout the day.  Although we would programme this during the installation, if you wish to make changes or adjustments it is a simple matter to do so.

We include a video here with instructions for using one of the most popular two-zone timers, the Claber Aquadue Duplo.



Let Rosewood work out what system is best for you.

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