We love to do it the Rosewood way: we aim to combine design expertise and technical skill with great customer service and attention to detail.  The Rosewood way means making sure we give consideration to our clients’ individual requirements and provide them with the best system and the best service possible.

Here are some examples of our recent work at various stages during the installation process.   Some projects are included to address a particular point, others to give a more general view of what having an irrigation system installed might involve.  Should you be considering automatic irrigation this section should interest you.  If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us:


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Neat work in Uxbridge

Hugo has been hard at work in a garden in Uxbridge last month, and we thought we’d share a couple of the pictures he took:

First of all we have a wonderful example of how even a huge tank can be neatly installed to keep it as discreet as possible, and the control board kept accessible while setting it to be as unobtrusive as it’s possible to be.  Once the planting is further established, obviously they will be even less visible.


Next you can see how an established shrub sometimes needs more than a spray head that is low on the ground.  Hugo has mounted a pop-up on a riser so that the spray from the rotating head penetrates the dense foliage of the plant more efficiently.



Irregular shapes in Oxford








This garden in Oxford where we installed irrigation recently had an attractive seating area with a round paved section in the centre.  This was surrounded by a circular lawn that was in turn surrounded by an outer ring of planted borders.  The irregular shape and the need for irrigation that would suit all the planting meant that rotator pop-ups were the perfect solution here.  The pop-ups were positioned to water the lawns and at the same time to overspray the borders, as the gentle spray they create is designed to mimic natural rainfall, meaning that no damage is done to petals or delicate foliage.

Sherington Moat

We don’t very often find ourselves working at a property with a moat, but in the case of this lovely garden in Sherington we were called upon to design an irrigation system where the moat provided the water supply.  We often get wet in this line of work, but it’s the first time we’ve needed full waders to install a system!





Here’s Andy in the beautiful early morning light, up to his waist in the moat sorting out the connections.







And here is the garden with the irrigation sprinklers in action – proof that it worked!





Leatherhead Control board

We’ve just installed irrigation to a property in Leatherhead, Surrey, and took these photographs showing a control board and tank in an out of the way corner of the large garden.


A control board can be located anywhere (in a shed or garage, for example) but where a customer chooses an open location rather than somewhere completely hidden, we at Rosewood always make the neatest possible job of things to minimise the visual impact.   The board is wooden, so it could also, of course, be painted or stained to blend in further with surrounding planting or fencing etc.

Stanstead Abbotts lawn

This incredible lawn at Stanstead Abbotts is one that had been laser-levelled.  We have included these pictures that show the lawn after Rosewood had installed irrigation to it, so that you can see how the laser-levelling has not been disrupted in any way.

Stansted Abbots 3

Stansted Abbots 2

A trencher is for life, not just for irrigation!

Andy and the boys were called on recently to put the trusty Rosewood trenching machine to use for a different purpose.

Bedmond 3Bedmond 4

The client at this farmhouse in Bedmond had recently had a barn converted, and our trencher was used to cut a channel across the courtyard for laying telecommunications cabling to the new conversion.  We got the whole job done (a full 30 metres of trench and cable!) in under four hours, including reinstating the surface to how it was before we started.  We really can work miracles!

Patio Pots and Hanging Baskets

Here at Rosewood we can’t stress enough that with the right irrigation any outdoor space can be transformed into a verdant paradise.  Nothing illustrates this point better than our very own courtyard garden at the Rosewood headquarters.  As you can see from the pictures that follow, the front and side of the building is covered in hanging baskets and although the garden itself is paved, there is a large number of pots and planters, in which the lucky plants benefit from fully automated watering and show their appreciation by growing lush and strong and looking beautiful.  The irrigation to the planters and baskets is designed to be as unobtrusive as possible and in our opinion does not detract from the look of a garden at all, being pretty well invisible until you search for it.

IMG_3557 smaller copy

IMG_3576 smaller copy

Roof Garden Irrigation

With the help of a decent irrigation system one can create a garden almost anywhere.  These photos show Andy laying flexible piping in the trenches he has dug in order to provide irrigation to a roof-top garden.  With Rosewood’s help you can make your situation green and pleasant whatever it might be!

IMG_1343 smaller copy

IMG_1346 smaller copy

You won’t see the joins!

Having your lawn dug up to lay an irrigation system sounds a frightening prospect, and you might imagine that it will cause a lot of disruption and then take ages to get back to how it looked before, but this large set of pictures should reassure you completely.  They show squares of turf being removed carefully using the turf-cutter and set aside in order right next to the space they came from.  After the trenching machine does its work and the pipes are laid, each square is replaced in its original location.  The photographs show how the lawn looks immediately after the installation (not bad at all even at that point!) but as the squares settle back into place and the grass continues to grow, within a few days even the faint lines that you can see here will disappear, leaving no visible signs whatsoever of the work having being done – other than the lush green of the lawn, of course!

IMG_1097 smaller copyIMG_1098 smaller copyIMG_1099 smaller copyIMG_1100 smaller copyIMG_1101 smaller copyIMG_1102 smaller copyIMG_1109 smaller copy

 IMG_1111 smaller copy

IMG_1112 smaller copy

IMG_1113 smaller copy

IMG_1115 smaller copy

IMG_1116 smaller copy

IMG_1118 smaller copy

IMG_1119 smaller copy

IMG_1120 smaller copyIMG_1122 smaller copy

Laying pipework for a system

The following set of pictures shows Andy laying flexible pipework for an irrigation system after digging a neat trench to accommodate it.  He then covers the pipe again with earth so that planting can follow or, as in this case, with the same turf that has been removed if the irrigation is to a lawn.

IMG_1355 smaller copy

IMG_1358 smaller copy

IMG_1360 smaller copyIMG_1361 smaller copyIMG_1362 smaller copy

 IMG_1363 smaller copy

IMG_1364 smaller copy

IMG_1365 smaller copy

IMG_1366 smaller copy

Rosewood do a neat and tidy job on lawns – no need to worry!

We thought you’d like to see a complete set of photos showing how Andy and the rest of the Rosewood team deal with the process of removing turf squares very carefully to lay the irrigation system pipework beneath a lawn.  These squares are put carefully to one side in order on a tarpaulin so that they can then be replaced one by one in the exact location from which they were taken.  That way once we’ve finished your lawn looks back normal again.

IMG_1629 smaller copy   IMG_1630 smaller copyIMG_1631 smaller copy

IMG_1633 smaller copyIMG_1634 smaller copyIMG_1635 smaller copy
IMG_1637 smaller copyIMG_1638 smaller copy

IMG_1641 smaller copy

Leigh-on-sea update

If you scroll down the page you’ll see that a while ago we installed irrigation on both sides of a central path at a property in Leigh-on-sea.  Unfortunately the client inadvertantly switched off irrigation to one zone, which resulted in a sadly lopsided effect!  The situation has been remedied and the garden is reviving nicely, but in the meantime it provided us with a brilliant opportunity to show how well the irrigation works, as you can see very clearly that the mirrored planting along the path is thriving on the side that received its proper irrigation, but rather less impressive on the other side.

IMG_4170 smaller copy

Woodham Gate

These pictures of us installing an irrigation system in Woodham Gate, near Woking in Surrey, should reassure you once again that we leave everything tidy after we complete a job.   The last photo shows the finished installation – you would hardly be able to detect that we had been there.

woodham 1woodham 2woodham 3woodham 4woodham 6woodham 8woodham 10woodham 14 woodham 15 finished job

Tetbury shrub rotor sprinkler

In situations where there is delicate planting to consider, a shrub rotor sprinkler might be the best way to irrigate, as it is designed especially to mimic natural rainfall. This is one that we recently installed in a vegetable garden in Tetbury in Gloucestershire.

!cid_5519E8BC-93FC-467B-B49B-CC12DF9C5D0A  !cid_66F94551-2FF6-484E-84CE-1794357505E6 !cid_67E387E4-F742-4D1E-BC6B-361E7B6BBF6E zoom

You can see how the rotor sprinkler delivers the water in a spray that comes across at a height, allowing it to then fall gently over the planting.

Leigh-on-Sea Lawns

Recently we worked on a front garden in Leigh-on-sea which needed irrigation for two  lawns. one on each side of a path.   These are a series of photos that show the whole  process from start to finish so you can see how carefully we try to reinstate each square  of turf in exactly the right position after removing it to dig trenches.   Each piece that is  cut away is laid to one side, neatly aligned with the rest in the correct order, so that  when the trenching and other work is completed, each one can be lifted back into place  and matched with its neighbours as it was originally.    After we have completed our work,  you can rely on us leaving your garden looking as good as when we arrived.

lawn irrigation leigh 1leigh 2

leigh 3leigh 4

leigh 5leigh 6

leigh 9leigh 10

leigh 11leigh 12

leigh 13leigh 14

leigh 15leigh 16

leigh 17leigh 18

leigh 19leigh 20

Alternative Power An alternative method 5 zones with battery timers scaled version

For those of you with gardens that don’t have a power source, there is a simple solution.   Rosewood can provide an alternative – a battery operated controller.   The photo shows one that we recently installed for a 5-zone irrigation system designed by Rosewood.

Split-level roof garden

Split level roof garden

This is a recent project that we worked on in Islington. To maximise the potential of the only existing outside space available, the architect had designed a split level roof garden which we irrigated using 2 different forms of drip-line. Not only is this a very cost effective method of watering, it also has the huge benefit of being exempt from hosepipe bans. It was a pleasure to involved with such an innovative design project.

Odd-shaped areas needing irrigation?

Here you can see a picture from a recent installation that Rosewood carried out in Ramsgate. It shows a 300mm rotator pop-up sprinkler, set to water the lawn and overspray into some well established and densely planted borders. This type of sprinkler offers an ideal solution to irrigate odd-shaped areas of the garden effectively.

Keep the use of your outside tap even when we make it part of your system

This is an example of a 4 way, battery operated, fully programmable timer we recently installed. As you can see it has been installed to utilise the water supply from the existing outside tap, and we configure the pipework in such a way that you can still have uninterrupted use of the tap without the need to disconnect the timer. This is the ideal solution for the smaller domestic application and is an extremely cost effective method of installing irrigation.


Pop-up sprinklers are hidden when not in use

Image result for pop up sprinkler in gravel Here is the ideal solution to irrigate planting interspersed within gravel or shingle. This is an example of a rotator pop-up sprinkler we installed, buried within the shingle and set to cover all the planting. Our photo shows the sprinkler in operation, but the picture next to it shows how a pop-up sits when not in use, if you could see a section under the ground.  Everything is completely hidden until the sprinkler pops-up at the designated time. No hoses or pipes anywhere so you’re left to enjoy the beauty of your planting at its best.

Avoid overspray

This is a rotator pop-up sprinkler operating through 180 degrees, installed in a lawn of a property in Radlett, Hertfordshire. The pop-ups can be set to operate through 90, 180, 270 or 360 degrees to best suit their position. This helps if a client has an unusual shaped lawn or wants to avoid any overspray onto paths or fences etc.

Rare giant tank found hiding in Hertford garden…

We fitted this large control panel in huge grounds at a property in Hertford.  The control panel was fitted with 2 pump starters on this occasion, because the water supply was being taken from the client’s lake, as opposed to the mains water supply. You will see that it is sited in front of a giant tank that we also installed, and that although the tank is so big it is not overly intrusive. You would be surprised at the hidden areas, often tucked away behind sheds or outbuildings, or screened behind already established planting, in which we have managed to install tanks and pumps. Rest assured that most installations don’t require a tank and pump, and even if they do, one of such enormous proportions as this is incredibly rare!!!

Different situations require different installations

This is an example of some different sprinklers used in a recent installation in Cuffley, Hertfordshire. Whatever the size or shape of your garden, and whatever the style and type of planting you have, there will be an effective form of irrigation to suit your needs. If you have any questions or queries regarding irrigation design and installation, please just give us a call and we’ll be happy to help.

Like gentle rainfall…

This is an example of a raised shrubbler in an established bed from an installation in Windsor. Shrubblers are specifically designed to mimic rainfall, watering from top to bottom. They are particularly suited to more established planting, especially flowering perennials and shrubs that need their petals protecting from the more harsh jets of water that other forms of irrigation can produce.

Sprinkler irrigation to border.

This is a micro sprinkler installed within a wide border at a property in Royston in Hertfordshire. This is the best type of garden irrigation for this particular situation  as it ensures adequate coverage and can be individually controlled. As with all of our systems, the client saves time, money and water.

Lawn sprinkler system Cuffley

This is a recent installation we carried out in Cuffley, irrigating a huge lawn with pop-up sprinklers. It really does look impressive when the system switches on and in periods of dry weather it is so helpful to the garden lover. A well installed watering system really is a home improvement that will add value to your property as well as caring for the environment.  

Sprinkler Irrigation in wide border.

Testing some micro sprinklers installed within a wide border at a property in Mill Hill, Hertfordshire. It is essential that time is taken to adjust the spray heads correctly to avoid over spray onto paths or fences. Just a little bit of extra care can make all the difference to the performance of the final irrigation system.

Automatic Irrigation - garden sprinkler in close up.

Here is an example of an adjustable micro spray head within a well established border at an installation at a property in Harrow. The sprinklers can be set to operate through 90, 180, 270 or 360 degrees and the radius of the water throw is also adjustable to avoid overspray onto fences and paths etc.

Whilst sprinkler irrigation is being installed, Andy and his considerate team of installation operatives take the upmost care to cause the least amount of disruption to your garden. You will see in this picture that when trenches are dug, the turf removed is laid on a sheet in exactly the same place that it has been removed from. This allows for an exact fit once the pipes have been laid, the trench back filled, and the turf re – instated at the end of each day.

Irrigation watering the garden.   A pop – up lawn sprinkler is 80% more efficient than watering the garden with a garden hose. Not only do you save time but you save water as well.       Watering system for pots and planters. As you will see from this recent work carried out in Ascot, you can keep your pots and planters in tip top condition with the installation of automatic irrigation specifically for containers, hanging baskets and window boxes. It is a highly effective and low cost garden irrigation solution and can be enjoyed by anyone. It doesn’t matter if you have a small balcony, a courtyard or a larger garden -you can rest assured that your outside space will look lush and green whatever the weather.

Garden irrigation manifold in manhole.

Where necessary we will bury the manifold and solenoids, hard wired back to the irrigation control unit, within a manhole. This prevents any unsightly pipework from being on show and protects it from frost and accidental damage.

The next picture shows some irrigation sprinklers that we installed at a property in GiSprinkler Irrigation watering the garden.lston in Hertfordshire. The picture was taken the day that the installation
had been completed, and you will see a clear colour differentiation along the left hand edge of the lawn where a trench was dug to bury the pipes and garden sprinkler heads. This is completely normal. With careful re – instatement of the turf, this colour difference
will have completely blended in within 2 weeks. With this new automatic irrigation system the whole lawn will be healthy and green in no time at all.

Irrigation Watering for patio pots and planters. With clever design and installation there is no aspect of your garden or outside space that can’t be improved with irrigation watering. However diverse your landscapes needs we can offer a garden irrigation solution for you. Be it for huge grounds, more modest gardens, small courtyards, balconies or simply a few pots and baskets, call us today for a no obligation quote.

IMG_0039This picture illustrates a control panel that we recently installed next to a large water tank in a garden in Guildford. You’ll get some idea of the enormity of the task of getting the tank in situation if you see the picture below. The team really had their work cut out here!!!!!   We had to balance the tank on our trailer, and between a 3 man team lift and lower it over a 6ft wall. Can’t say we’re not up for a challenge.

                                                                                                                                When we install a water tank we always make sure that it is located in the least intrusive location, normally tucked away behind shrubs or trees, but we also take great care that it is fitted to the highest standard, and always lay a concrete or slabbed base for it to sit on. Who’d have known that this huge beauty would be sitting on it’s own private patio!

IMG_1636 smaller copy

Meet Rosie!

Hi! I’m Rosie and I’m looking forward to getting to know you! Click on Blog to read my thoughts on the world of irrigation this month.


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