Your garden needs irrigation!

Your garden needs irrigation!  If you’re looking for a family-run company that prides itself on customer satisfaction as well as technical expertise, look no further! Rosewood Irrigation Services Ltd is the one to go for.

Last week the teams were working in warm sunshine down by the Thames. Sadly it looks as though this week is not going to be as nice.  However, the dry sunny weather we’ve had should remind you all that there’s the possibility of water shortages again this summer. If you don’t want your precious plants to suffer, now is the ideal time to have a Rosewood irrigation system fitted in your garden.

Do continue to browse the website if you want further information.  Alternatively, get in touch with us by phone on 01727 811448 or email Then we can discuss what you might need. At Rosewood we tailor the design of every system to the exact requirements of each garden.

Get in touch – we can help you achieve the garden you’ve always dreamed of!