A Monet Painting for October

Rosewood shares garden and landscape art

As you’ll know if you follow our blogs or social media, Rosewood likes to share some art each month.  Obviously we’re big fans of gardening, so we like to show you pictures that relate to gardens and landscapes.  We’ve brought you one every month so far this year, so here’s a Monet painting for October.

This beautiful landscape is the 1873 Pond with Ducks in Autumn.  It’s the perfect choice for October, with its rich autumn colours.  The ripples across the surface of the pond make you feel the breeze.  The trees have already lost half their leaves, just like they have if we look out of the window now.  It seems to be the essence of October.

Where is the landscape that Monet worked from?

Interestingly, nobody knows exactly where the picture was painted, but it’s believed to be a pond near Argenteuil, where Monet lived at that time.  We know he went out painting with Pierre-Auguste Renoir and they both worked on the same subject at the same time.  Monet’s version is in a private collection in Paris.  Renoir’s painting, made at almost the exact same spot, is in the collection of the Dallas Museum of Art.  You can see it by following the link: Renoir duck pond.  The paintings are quite similar in feeling.  These two great Impressionists both worked en plein air (on site, in the open air) and used vibrant colour and lively brushwork.  Therefore it’s not surprising that there are similarities between them.

We hope you’ve enjoyed seeing a Monet painting for October – there’ll be another one next month.  In the meantime, we hope you’re enjoying the autumn colour in your own gardens.  Don’t forget that as we move through the autumn, we’re approaching the winter, and your irrigation system needs shutting down.  If you haven’t asked Rosewood to deal with yours (and you aren’t planning to do it yourself) you are welcome to get in touch on 01727 811448 to arrange this.  It’s important to do it properly to avoid damage, so if in doubt – call the professionals!