A trencher makes it easy – pipes & cables

When Rosewood installs one of our irrigation systems, we often have to lay pipework underground for a network of pop-up sprinklers.  Digging by hand would be laborious, messy, and back-breaking, but using a trencher makes it easy.   The Ground Hog TR-12 is a compact walk-behind trenching machine that is easy to push and steer and digs the neatest possible trench, ideal for laying pipes and cables.  We love ours so much that we are the UK distributor for sales of this model.  If you’re interested to find out more you can take a look here at our Trenchers page.  You’ll find lots more details and can see the benefits.

Ground Hog is probably the most highly regarded maker of trenching machines in the world.  It’s not just Rosewood that thinks so!  Want to hear another view on how Ground Hog trenchers are the best?  Click on the following link and read about amazing Ground Hog trenchers from another blogger.

So, now you know a bit more, we’re sure you agree a trencher is a great investment for anyone that needs to dig trenches!  If you work in construction, why not ask us about buying one? A trencher makes it easy, it really does!