Amazing Rosewood Living Walls

Gardening projects for the coming year

It’s the time of year when we all start thinking about this year’s gardening projects.  For this reason, we want to share information about the amazing Rosewood Living Walls now possible.  Most of us have a fence, wall or other vertical surface somewhere in our outdoor space.  Recent developments in the industry mean that Rosewood can now offer green walls sized to fit any vertical surface.

New developments for living walls

Biotecture, the green infrastructure specialists responsible for the award-winning living wall on Wimbledon’s No. 1 court (see article here) have developed the new Plantbox system.  This is a flexible modular system of stackable units.  These units will allow Rosewood to create a living wall for your residential site that is simple to design, install and maintain.  Our team went down to visit Biotecture in Chichester recently, to investigate this new system and receive training in how to use it effectively.  The photo shows our first attempt with the units – not bad for a couple of hours work!

What are the benefits?

We were very impressed!  The plantbox units can be arranged to fit the size required.  This means that even if your space is small, you can have the living wall you’ve always wanted.  Not only that, there are choices regarding watering for the plants.  We can fit a Plantbox-based living wall with its own irrigation system already in place.  But for gardens without an outdoor water supply, we can install the units without irrigation.  In this case the vertical garden would be watered manually in the same way as other planting.  The beauty of the units is that they have been designed with this in mind.

The Plantbox system will make it easy for us to bring amazing Rosewood living walls to almost any location.  Do you want to wow your neighbours?  Then give Calum a call on 01727 811448 to find out how simple and straightforward it could be to have your own green wall installed.