Automated Garden Irrigation

There are lots of amazing ways to control your home and everything in it.  You can turn your heating or lights on or off when you’re away, using your phone.  You can ask Alexa to shut your curtains, or turn on your music, or find things out for you.  All from the comfort of your own sofa!  But why stop at the automated house?  What about the automated garden?

Actually, automated garden irrigation is one of the most useful automations we can think of.  Turning on your music as if by magic saves you a small amount of physical effort.  However, it’s not something that’s difficult to do manually, and it isn’t something you can get wrong.  Watering the garden manually is different.  Gauging exactly when to water, and how much, isn’t always easy.  Equally, if you have a large garden, it can involve a great deal of time and exertion – time that could be spent simply enjoying the beautiful space you’ve created.  If you’re away on holiday and you can’t adjust the heating, it’s not the end of the world.  But if the weather is dry and you can’t water your garden, precious plants could die.

A Rosewood irrigation system doesn’t only save you the time and effort of manual watering – no small consideration if you have a large garden.  It also allows you to programme in exactly how much water each plant requires and when.  Grass, trees, shrubs and flowers all have different needs, and our systems allow for that.  We design different zones for different areas of planting, allowing us to tailor watering to each area separately.

We’re lucky enough to work in some absolutely beautiful gardens, such as the one in Cambridgeshire that features in the photographs accompanying this post.  But a stunning garden like this takes a lot of effort to keep it beautiful.  Installing automatic irrigation doesn’t make everything easy, but it does take care of the watering.  That way you have more time for planting, pruning, and just enjoying the garden!

Why not give Rosewood a call and speak to us about designing a garden irrigation tailored exactly to your garden?  We’re always happy to have a chat and discuss what might suit you.  If you’d like a no-obligation quotation appointment, that’s easy for us to arrange too – just give us a call on 01727 811448 and we’ll sort it out for you.