Be Present in Nature

You may be someone who practices mindfulness deliberately, or you may not.  However, those of us who are gardeners tend to practice it accidentally even if we’ve never heard of it!  It’s very natural to be aware of all the sights, sounds and fragrances when you’re in a garden.  Being truly present, experiencing the moment in full, is something you do automatically in that situation. It’s very easy to be present in nature.

How does a garden keep us mindful?

When you aren’t having to focus on things that require mental effort or concentration, you relax.  In a garden you become tranquil, flooded by the gentle stimuli of the natural world.  You hear bees, and birds. You see the intricate shapes of leaves and flowers, and smell the fragrance of roses.  You taste a ripe strawberry.  The colours can be bright, but never garish. You feel the sun on your shoulders or smell the hint of coming rain.  Even when you are working physically, digging or planting, your mind is free to experience all these things.  Soaking up the garden so you notice all its tiny wonders is part of the joy of gardening.

Our outdoor spaces can really help our mental health, simply because in nature we let go of that need to direct our attention to tasks that give us anxiety.  It’s important to help our gardens thrive, because they help us thrive in return.  A garden irrigation system is one of the best things you can do for your garden.  It ensures that every plant gets exactly the right amount of water at exactly the right time, and at the right frequency.  Even if a few containers on a balcony is all you have, proper pot drippers on a battery-operated timer can make all the difference.

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