Beautiful garden art for March

Unbelievably, a whole month has passed since we last shared one of Eugene Grasset’s ‘Belle Jardiniere’ series with you.  So, it’s time for some beautiful garden art for March.

There is a simply-drawn periwinkle or similar plant in the foreground which I love.  In the centre of the garden we can see a big tree surrounded by a really fabulous seat – the sort that makes me extremely envious!   For this March illustration our stylish gardener is shown kneeling with a box for gardening bits and pieces at her side.  She is using a dibber to plant seeds in a bed that has already been dug over very nicely.  What amazes me is that Grasset made these illustrations more than a century ago at the height of the Art Nouveau period, but these small items of garden equipment have hardly changed.  The dibber and seed storage box look like ones I could buy from any garden centre today, if only I had a garden like that to work in!

Enjoy the fact that you too can start getting back out in your gardens and pottering about with seeds etc.  It’s a lovely time of year in the garden, and Rosewood is looking forward to helping you get the most you can from yours.