Beautiful Lawns Could Be Yours!

We all wish our lawns could be lush

The earliest gardens were as important for growing food as for providing an attractive place to sit and enjoy the fresh air.  However, since people first began making gardens for pleasure, they have been involved in the quest for beautiful lawns.  Many gardeners have wished they could achieve a lush, thick green carpet of grass.  Instead they seem stuck with a patchy, uneven area of turf that’s more like a threadbare rug than a thick carpet.

What can be done?

There is one thing that helps enormously, whatever the lawn problems, and that’s automatic irrigation.  Grass is relatively  drought-tolerant in that it takes quite a prolonged period without water to kill it completely.  However, if you want to maintain that lush green carpet, regular watering is a necessity.  But it’s not as easy as it sounds – overwatering is equally bad for your lawn.  Waterlogged roots are as likely to kill the grass as lack of water.  So, this is where automatic irrigation comes in.  Setting a regular watering routine allows you to give your lawn the exact amount of water it needs, at exactly the right times.  Of course you can’t control the weather, but if natural rainfall occurs that is heavy enough to make the ground wet, our irrigation systems switch off and the usual automatic watering does not take place.  Once the soil is dry again, the system turns back on and will resume watering at the designated times.

Other problems

So, an irrigation system impacts lawn health in a very direct and obvious way.   The right amount of water applied at the right times leads to healthy grass.  Sadly, we all know that some of the problems with lawns aren’t as easy to sort out.  Weeds and moss aren’t directly impacted by whether you water the lawn correctly or not.  However, it’s certainly true to say that healthy grass is better able to compete with the ‘wrong’ sort of green, so those annoying weeds are less likely to be an issue.

Find out more

If you’d like to find out more, click through to read about Our Systems.    Don’t forget that we fit irrigation all through the winter.  If you call us now, you could have your system in place ready for the drier weather next spring.  Beautiful lawns could be yours at last!