Best Garden Irrigation Companies

As more and more people realise the benefits of having an automatic watering system in the garden, the residential irrigation sector is growing.  There is increasing demand for domestic garden irrigation systems, so more companies are springing up to deal with that demand.  This means that if you want a system at your property, you’ll have plenty of choice.  Compared to ten years ago, you’ll find that there are many more companies offering to design and install a system for you.  This sounds great, but all irrigation companies are not the same.  We work extremely hard to make sure that Rosewood is among the best garden irrigation companies.   Today we’re going to talk about the things we think are important.

Knowing the right way to do the job

Technical know-how is vital.  You can rely on the fact that Rosewood installation engineers are all highly trained.  Our team leaders have years of experience in this work, and their teams work hard to build up similar levels of expertise.  Some of our engineers are new to irrigation when they start with Rosewood, but they are given careful training.  Nobody deals with a particular task alone until they’ve learned exactly what to do and how to do it.  That way, we ensure that Rosewood systems are correctly installed and will work efficiently.

We have been called in to put right systems that have been designed and installed by cowboys, and we’ve been shocked at how bad some of them are.  Of course it’s possible for things to go wrong occasionally – even the best systems can be damaged, or need adjustment.  However, a good system, properly maintained, should last for years, whereas a bad installation is likely to develop problems quickly.  Sometimes it never works properly, even right from the start.

Understanding what your garden needs

To us, every garden is unique.  One might require a simple system, another might need several different irrigation zones for different areas of the garden.  That way we can tailor the watering frequency and amount to the particular planting.  Lawns have different watering needs to shrub borders, for example.  Likewise, containers won’t be watered in the same way as trees.  You may find other companies that don’t take these differences into account when designing your irrigation system.  Alternatively, they might put in several zones but not have the experience or knowledge to set them up properly.  For Rosewood, this is second nature.  Andy, our system designer, has so many years of experience that we’ve lost count.  He understands exactly what’s best for all your unique planting.

Respect and courtesy

Rosewood team members will treat you with respect.  We take great pride in choosing staff who are friendly, courteous, and understand that their workplace is your home.  Our workmanship is careful and neat, and we do our best to cause as little disruption to your garden as possible.  We replace all turf squares and earth so that you would never know we’d been there.  That way, you can start enjoying your garden again immediately, and hopefully seeing it thrive.

We want to be one of the best irrigation companies around, if not the best.  We can’t promise to be the cheapest, because we use top quality components and do the job with the utmost care and attention to detail.   However, we do promise to provide great value for money and an outstanding product and service.    You can rely on Rosewood to help your garden thrive!