Black Flowers by Roy Lichtenstein

It’s nearly the end of August, so it’s time for us to show you another twentieth-century flower painting.  This month, we’re sharing Black Flowers by Roy Lichtenstein.  Lichtenstein is a Pop Art master.  He’s best known for his paintings in the style of magnified comic strip illustrations.  These include very famous works such as Drowning Girl  and  Whaam! and other images of melodramatic romance and combat situations.  Nevertheless, he also painted still life subjects.

Lichtenstein painted Black Flowers in 1961, quite early in his career.  However, it already shows his signature motifs of the black outlines and Ben-Day dots used in comic-book art.   Traditional flower painting is associated with colour and beauty, but Lichtenstein subverts this by creating a crude, harsh arrangement in the black-and-white dots of an old newspaper.  He even uses a vase that echoes classical architecture, adding to a sense of the subversion of traditional values.

At Rosewood we think that artistic taste is a very individual matter, which is why we choose lots of different styles to show you.  This is also true in garden design too – individual taste applies to gardening preferences.  Just like our ongoing selections of flower painting, there are gardens in hundreds of styles.  We provide irrigation for modernist gardens with sculptural planting and monochrome colour schemes.  We also work in traditional cottage gardens with romantic flower borders, and classical landscaped gardens with rolling lawns and specimen trees.  Rosewood doesn’t mind which style of garden you choose – our irrigation systems help them all thrive!

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