December gardening is not all bad!

At Rosewood we spend all year outdoors.  We know it’s been colder over the last few days.  There have been heavy frosts overnight.  We’ve had to turn up the heating.  But December gardening is not all bad.  It still looks beautiful in the garden.  There’s plenty to get on with out there, so get on out.  Call it ‘bracing’ rather than ‘cold’.  Call the frost ‘magical’ rather than ‘icy’.  We’d like to welcome December and remind you that we’re closer to spring now than we were in September.  It’s a fact!!  And Christmas is coming soon.  What’s not to like?

So, enjoy the crisp air and the sparkle in your garden, then come indoors and get warm with a hot cocoa and a cinnamon biscuit or two.  The December mood is one of mourning the loss of summer but at the same time looking forward to the spring.  If you still aren’t feeling the beauty of it, look at these two December quotations we’ve chosen for you and you soon will.  Of course we all miss summer, but it would be boring if every season was the same, and in any case, spring will soon be back.

Click here to take a look at the RHS  December garden jobs  and keep telling yourself – December gardening is not all bad!