Different Garden Irrigation Methods

Gardens come in very different shapes and sizes, from a couple of window-boxes to a full country estate.  As you can imagine, an irrigation system to suit one might not suit another.  A balcony garden consisting of a few containers might only need a simple single-zone system using pot drippers.  However, a large landscaped garden with areas of lawn, specimen trees, shrubbery areas, and beds with perennial and annual plants will need something far more complex.  Even an average-sized suburban garden will probably have several kinds of planting: lawn, flowerbeds etc.  There are two main reasons why a multi-zone system is important in such a case.  Firstly, the water requirements of these separate areas will be completely different.  However, it’s not only the amount of water needed that could differ: different planting calls for different garden irrigation methods.

What kinds of irrigation are possible?

Let us explain in more detail.  To put it in the simplest terms, irrigation is just the application of water to an area.  But exactly how we apply that water can vary tremendously.  The best way to apply it depends on the plant.  Turf likes being watered from above, so the best way to water lawns is with sprinklers.  Rows of vegetable seedlings, however, need water straight to the roots.  We use dripline for this purpose, which targets the base of the seedlings, soaking the soil right where the new little roots can reach.  Our photos illustrate these two examples, but there are many others.  Shrubblers, misters, pop-ups, risers, pot-drippers, soaker hose: they’re all different garden irrigation methods and we use whichever your particular garden requires!

Our designers work with your garden

Our system designer, Andy, has a background in civil engineering and knows how to create an effective and efficient system.  He also understands exactly which type of irrigation to use for different types of planting.  Thanks to his knowledge and experience, you can be sure that he will design a system that is perfectly tailored to your requirements.  That means he takes into account your planting, the location and size of your garden, and the water pressure and flow rate at your property.  Whatever Andy comes up with, he will use the best combination of irrigation methods for your own garden.  Give us a call to arrange a no-obligation quotation appointment now!