Digging up paths is nothing to worry about!

Not just lawns!

It’s not only lawns that we have to dig up at Rosewood!   Of course, it’s slightly trickier laying irrigation pipes under a path, as we have to lift paving or other hard surfaces.  However, we want to reassure all our customers that despite the way this may look to begin with, digging up paths is nothing to worry about.  The Rosewood team will always reinstate your garden so that it looks just as it did before we started working.  We’re sharing some photos today that will hopefully allay any anxieties about this.

Irrigation to vegetable beds

The pictures above show the paths between some vegetable beds where we were installing irrigation.  Naturally, we had to put in pipework under the paths, as running pipes over the paths is not really an option, cosmetically or functionally!  The first photo shows the pathway in a terrible-looking state, after we had dug up part of it to lay the pipework.  We know that any client might cry to see this!  However, picture two shows the vast improvement once we had finished laying the pipes and had begun to reinstate the path.  And finally, picture three shows the path once we had completed our work.  Everything looks beautiful again.  You can always rely on Rosewood to do a neat and tidy job so that we cause as little disruption as possible.

A review from a client who knows!

In case you need further reassurance, if you’d like to read some feedback from a client who has experienced something similar, click on the link to a blog post sharing their Review.

And if you have any questions regarding this or any other aspect of having an irrigation system installed, please call us.  The number is 01727 811448 – we’re happy to answer any queries you might have.