Do I need a tank for my irrigation system?

When potential clients first make contact with us, they obviously have lots of questions.  One that we hear regularly is “do I need a tank for my irrigation system?”.  The answer is “it depends”!

At some properties, the water pressure and/or flow rate may not be sufficient for the irrigation system to function properly.  If this is the case, a storage tank with a pump solves the problem.  Another reason to install a tank is to meet UK legislation concerning the avoidance of backflow into the public drinking water supply.  Where a system uses underground pop-up sprinklers, a tank is a legal requirement to prevent cross-contamination of the household water supply.

In gardens that do need a tank, we do everything possible to conceal it.  Generally speaking, if you need a larger tank, it’s likely that you have a larger garden.  In practice, this usually means that there will be some out-of-sight location where we can make sure we hide it from view.   This could be behind established planting or outbuildings or even a purpose-built screen.

When installing the tank, a perfectly level base is required.  We dig out a neat square area in which we lay paving slabs, thus creating a little patio for the tank to rest on!  At Rosewood we like to make sure that we work with as much care as possible, attending to the small details every step of the way.  This ensures a good end result visually, and, perhaps even more importantly, we know that the tank and pump will then function efficiently.

You can always rely on Rosewood to come up with a solution that works best for you and your garden.  Why not call us now on 01727 811448?  Or alternatively use our Contact Form to send us a message.