Does Garden Irrigation Work? Here’s Proof!

Does garden irrigation work?  Here’s the proof!
We received an amazing email recently, from a client we’ve previously supplied with irrigation, in Ongar, Essex.  We expect to help gardens thrive, of course – that’s why it’s our tagline.  After all, automatic irrigation gives plants exactly the right amount of water, for exactly the right duration.  We know it will have a beneficial effect. However, we’re not always there to see the results.  It was great, therefore, to receive our client’s lovely update message and see the accompanying photo.  We want to share it with you too.
Our customer said:  I thought you might appreciate seeing the effect your irrigation system (together with fertiliser treatment) has had on my lawn. It has never looked this good before.  So a big thank you to all at Rosewood.
The photo tells the full story.  Just look at the wonderful green lawn!  We can’t imagine that anyone would complain if their grass looked this incredible  It’s doubtless due in part to great maintenance – those stripes are amazing.  But we’re pleased to have played a part too.
You can read about the benefits of lawn irrigation in general (a US website which covers the subject very comprehensively).  Alternatively, if you have questions about our irrigation systems in particular, have a good look through our website.  Then you can drop us a line via the Contact Page, or give us a call on 01727 811448 and we’ll answer your queries.  Looking forward to hearing from you soon.