Dripline Irrigation is Exempt from Hosepipe Bans

Are you concerned about climate change and increasingly hot, dry summers? Worried that an irrigation system might be wasting precious water?  It may seem counter-intuitive, but having a well-designed irrigation system might actually save on your water usage compared to using a watering can.  In the UK we experienced a drought in 2022, and another looks likely this summer.  We’ve already experienced the hottest June on record, and hosepipe bans have come into force in several areas.  However, despite the serious concerns regarding the availability of water, dripline irrigation is exempt from hosepipe bans.

Why is dripline different?

Dripline looks like hosepipe, and it waters your garden borders.  Surely it must be banned if hosepipe usage is banned?  Not so!  Drip irrigation uses up to 90% less water than watering by hand.  It is incredibly efficient at directing water exactly where it is needed – to the roots of the plants – so that nothing is wasted.  This kind of irrigation method trickles water either under the surface or just onto the surface.  There’s no run-off, no evaporation, no watering random soil or weeds.  Every precious drop is targeted, by using emitters positioned along the length of the hose.  And careful use of timers ensures no excess water is pumped through.  Your plants get the full benefit of every drop.

It’s because of this amazingly efficient use of water that dripline is not just exempt from bans (click through to this interesting info on the subject at Drip Irrigation Exempt From Hosepipe Ban).  It is also actively promoted by all sorts of agencies.

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