Drone captures Rosewood team

Drone captures Rosewood…? No, don’t worry, we haven’t been taken by special forces…..

Last week, the Rosewood team was working in a large and beautiful garden, as our main picture shows.  Grant, our super new team leader, had his drone camera with him.  So, we’re able to show you the same garden from the air (the picture is just below).  This birds-eye-view of the team taking a well-earned lunch break also captured a part of the garden where we had been digging trenches for the irrigation pipework.  The photo only serves to prove what a neat job we do!  You can rely on Rosewood to cause as little disruption as possible.  We aim to restore your garden exactly as it was before we began.  Except that afterwards you’ll have an irrigation system tailored specifically to the requirements of your own planting.  Give us a call now on 01727 811448 to set up a quotation appointment, or click through to use our Contact Form

Drone captures Rosewood