Expert Irrigation Installers

Are you looking for a company to design and install an irrigation system for your garden?  If so, you will doubtless have questions to ask before you decide on one.  Is the company reputable?  Is it long-established?  Are the staff easy to deal with?  And most importantly, do they know what they are doing?  Well, you can rely on Rosewood ticking all the boxes.  We have been around for more than a decade, and in that time we’ve gathered many testimonials and reviews.  All of them reveal that customers are delighted by the friendly manner of our engineers, and more importantly, by the high standards of workmanship.  How do we stay on top of our game?  As far as we’re concerned, there’s a very important element to being expert irrigation installers and staying that way.


Training is a fundamental part of being expert irrigation installers.  Our team leaders have years of experience and we rely on them to pass on their knowledge and high standards to new recruits.  However, the industry is always evolving, and new products and components get developed.  Even experienced installation engineers need their own training to make sure they are always on top of new developments.

Because of this, at Rosewood we ensure that we send our staff for training on a regular basis.  The first of our photos is at a Rain Bird training day in Watford.  As far as we’re concerned, it’s good training that makes expert irrigation installers.  It doesn’t matter whether it’s on an official training day, or just our most experienced engineers demonstrating the right methods to newer staff.  Either way, it’s our training that sets Rosewood apart.  Good training is what creates the best irrigation systems, and keeps your gardens looking amazing!