Flowers by Andy Warhol

We know that all our clients love their gardens, so we’ve shared many different kinds of garden art with you in the past. Last year we showed you twelve paintings by Monet.  The year before that we shared a page from an art nouveau gardening calendar each month.  So, for 2021 we thought it was time to share some slightly more modern images.  Every month we’ll be showing you a flower painting by a well-known twentieth century artist.  For January 2021 we’re giving you flowers by Andy Warhol!

Warhol was an American artist, well known for his screenprints of celebrities and everyday consumer items like the Campbell’s soup tins.  His ‘Flowers’ series is less famous, but just as interesting.  His starting point was a photograph of hibiscus flowers he found in a 1964 edition of Modern Photography magazine.  He cropped the image down to four flowers to create a square, then made many different print versions, with simple vivid colours for the flower shapes and varying shades of grey, green and blue for the background grass.

The three prints above are, from left to right, numbers 71, 73 and 64 but there are many more.  Now a little guessing game for you.  How much do you think another in the series might have raised at auction in 2018?  If you’d like to find out, click the link to Christies Andy Warhol Print and see for yourselves.  It’s a lot!

Rosewood hopes you’ve enjoyed seeing our flowers by Andy Warhol.  There’ll be another flower painting for you next month.  Hopefully you’ll have plenty of real ones to see in the garden once spring gets underway. And if you want to ensure that the flowers in your own garden thrive, 2021 is the year to commission an irrigation system from Rosewood, tailored especially to your planting.  Give us a call on 01727 811448 to find out more!