Garden Art for March

Spring is here, and it’s time for Rosewood to share some garden art for March.  This month it’s another Claude Monet painting, Plum Trees in Blossom.  Monet painted it in 1879, at Vetheuil, during a period of great personal difficulty.  His wife was very ill and their financial situation was precarious.  However, none of that is revealed in the lovely landscapes he painted at this time.  Perhaps being out in nature took his mind off his troubles as he worked.  Certainly it was during this time that he began to focus on painting landscapes and gardens rather than the scenes of modern life that he had been known for previously.  You can see more of the paintings he did at Vetheuil by clicking the following link: Vetheuil images

Plums trees blossom early, so their beautiful white flowers appear in March, well before the pink blossom of the cherry and apple trees.  To judge from Monet’s lovely painting, it looks as though his was a much warmer March than ours. Still, it’s definitely milder here in the South East than it has been, and we’ve had our fair share of blue skies this month.  Spring is here, and summer won’t be far behind!  Don’t forget to get in touch with Rosewood if you haven’t yet discovered the benefits of irrigation to help your garden stay as beautiful as Monet’s!  Call us on 01727 811448, or use our Contact form to send us a message.