Garden Irrigation Gets Results!

Spring is an amazing time, isn’t it?  It really feels life-affirming when we see our gardens come back to life after the winter.  One reason we enjoy our own outdoor spaces so much, no matter how small, is to sense that connection with nature and the seasons.  And of course, the more thriving our gardens, the more benefit we receive!  This is where a Rosewood irrigation system can really help.  When we look at the burgeoning blooms in our client’s garden’s we know for sure that garden irrigation gets results.

How does irrigation help?

It doesn’t take much to understand that plants need water to stay healthy, just like we do.  All gardeners work hard to give their precious flowers, lawns, shrubs and trees the water they need.  However, it’s not always easy to get that right.  Different plants need different amounts of water, at different times of day, and at different intervals.  One might need a good soaking once a fortnight, while another might prefer a gentle mist every day.  It takes some working out, and even if you know what’s required, you don’t always have the time or inclination to deal with it.  But with an irrigation system from Rosewood, the guesswork and the hard work are taken away!

Take a look at the gorgeous pictures at the top of this post.  All these were taken in client’s gardens during April.  When we visit our customers, their gardens are growing vigorously and productively, looking in the prime of health.  But these gardeners can relax, knowing that our irrigation systems are giving every plant the right amount of water at the right time.  Helping gardens thrive is just what we do!

Each system is designed around your individual location and your planting scheme.  Andy works out a multi-zone arrangement where each zone has different timings.  Plants with similar requirements that are close together in location come under a single zone.  Others that have different requirements need a different zone.  This way, every flower, tree, shrub, and blade of grass gets exactly what it needs.

If you think an irrigation system would help your garden thrive, just call our office team on 01727 811448.  We’ll be happy to answer any questions and if you’d like one, we can set up a no-obligation quotation appointment.  Looking forward to hearing from you!