Garden Irrigation Helps Wildlife

We’re all aware of the benefits of an irrigation system in the garden.  Plants receive exactly the amount of water they need at one time.  Also, the water is delivered as frequently as required too.  Some zones switch on once a week, some switch on three times a day!  We set the zone timers carefully so that every flower, vegetable, tree, shrub and blade of grass gets its optimum watering.  As you can imagine, all of this leads to healthier plants, which grow stronger and can withstand problems better.  But it’s not only the plants that benefit: garden irrigation helps wildlife too!

How does irrigation help wildlife?

It’s obvious how this would work, once you think about it.  A lot of our garden wildlife relies on the plants we grow.  There’s a great list here on the RSPB website of the Garden Wildlife you might see besides birds, and all rely on plants in some way.  Bees, butterflies and other insects feed on nectar from flowers.  Birds eat seeds, berries and fruits, and use shrubs and trees as nesting sites.  Squirrels love nuts.  Amphibians love quiet damp corners.  And those are just a few of the creatures we could name.  What they all have in common is that their survival depends on the health of the plants they rely on.  And what makes garden plants healthier?  Irrigation!!

If you want a garden that looks vibrant, green and healthy, choose a garden irrigation system from Rosewood.  Not only that, but it will help attract wildlife, so that the fauna in your garden benefits as much as the flora.  Give Rosewood a call and we will design a system tailored to your exact requirements.