Gardens vintage and modern: irrigation is good for all!

You might think that garden owners who install irrigation like their outdoor spaces modern.  Perhaps their gardens are all neat, clean, and without a blade of grass out of place?  Surely an irrigation system would not suit a vintage-style or cottage garden?  Wouldn’t the owners of such gardens prefer to potter about with a nineteenth-century watering can rather than use a sophisticated wifi-linked automatic system?  Nonsense!  We can tell you that this misconception could not be further from the truth.

At Rosewood we understand that any garden can benefit from irrigation.  The technology involved is so unobtrusive as to be almost invisible.  Therefore there’s no reason to worry that it might look out of place in a traditional setting.  We know that the advantages of regular, carefully-monitored watering are suitable for ANY plant, and help keep any garden looking its best.  Lawns, borders, containers, specimen trees and shrubs, wild areas – you name it, we can automatically water it!  Gardens vintage and modern: irrigation is good for all!  If you want to see some examples, take a look at our Case Studies

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