Get a Tank into Any Garden!

Is a tank required?

At Rosewood we are used to designing irrigation for all sorts of gardens in all kinds of domestic properties.  Many systems require a tank and pump.  This may be to comply with legal requirements, for example where we use underground pop-up sprinklers.  Alternatively, it may be because water pressure or flow rate at the property makes a tank and pump necessary if the system is to function properly.  In some cases, installing a tank might look like an impossibility.  But never fear – we can get a tank into any garden!

How do you get a large tank into a garden with no access?

Take a look at our photo.  This property in Watford had no side or rear access that we could use to get a tank into the garden.  We knew where to install it once it was in the garden, but how could we get it there?  A 4000 litre tank is not something you can pop through a doorway.  As we said, Rosewood can overcome any hurdle and get a tank into any garden!  If you can’t go round or through, you have to go over!

For this installation, we set up scaffolding so that we could lift the tank up to first floor level.  We then took it over the garage roof and lowered it down into the garden on the other side.  Simple!

If you’d like to discuss whether irrigation is possible at your property (it will be!) then do give us a call on 01727 811448.  Alternatively, you can head to our Contact Page and send us a message.