Great Reviews this June for Rosewood

The importance of feedback

At Rosewood we always suggest to clients that they leave us some feedback once we finish a job.  There are many platforms for doing so.  We have profiles on Trustpilot, Google and Facebook where people can leave reviews for all to see.  And of course there’s always email for those customers that prefer to communicate with us directly. The important point is that, however you tell us, we love to hear your views of our work and services.

Why is that?  If we’re good, of course we like to hear it.  More importantly, however, if we fall short in some way we NEED to hear it in order to improve.  Luckily for us that doesn’t happen very often, but we’re all human.  Recognising where we excel is important, but knowing where to strengthen practices, or guide staff more effectively, is how we keep moving towards our goal of total expertise in our field and total customer satisfaction.

Great Reviews

Having said all the above, we’re in the lucky position of receiving five-star reviews on a regular basis!  Both Rosewood Irrigation Services and Rosewood Living Walls have already received great reviews this June, so thank you to our clients for saying such lovely things.  Our most recent Rosewood Irrigation Services review is pictured above.   You can read more reviews here and you can click through to our Rosewood Living Walls website to read a living walls review on the blog there.

You can see our strengths

We hope that both Rosewood companies continue to inspire such lovely sentiments in all our customers, so that when potential clients read them they can see that we’re reliable, friendly and professional as well as experts in what we do.  If you need irrigation for your garden, or a living wall to add a new dimension to it, why not give us a call on 01727 811448?  We’re waiting to hear from you!