Happy to Work with Garden Designers

We can be part of a larger team

Often our work involves designing an irrigation system to suit an established garden.  However, sometimes we’re called in at the planning stage, either when the garden hasn’t been constructed yet or when it’s being given a total redesign.  When this happens, it’s likely that a client has a team in place.  At Rosewood we aren’t primadonnas.  We’re happy to work with garden designers and or architects and construction teams to work out the best solutions for our customers.

We still meet our own high standards!

We recently received this great review from a client using just such a team.   Working together takes a little more flexibility as you have to adapt to fit the timings and ideas of other professionals.  However, we still aim to meet our own standards of excellence, as far as both 0ur systems and our service are concerned.  That makes it very rewarding to receive feedback that tells us we’re doing it well!  Take a look at more of our reviews, on Trustpilot or on Google.  Then you can see how our clients appreciate our work.  So far, we’ve received five stars from every customer who has been kind enough to leave feedback.

Organise irrigation and help your garden thrive

Irrigation really does help gardens thrive, so if you’re having a redesign, give Rosewood a call.  We’re on 01727 811448 waiting to answer your questions or give you friendly advice about what’s possible and how much it might cost.