Help bring safe water to a billion people

A well-designed, well-maintained irrigation system uses less water than watering the same areas with a hosepipe.  Did you know that?  The reason is clear.  Nothing is wasted, because we target every drop precisely where it is needed.  We are happy that Rosewood helps gardens flourish without using more water than necessary, but we recognise that irrigating gardens is a luxury.  In this part of the world we are lucky that we have water available to use in such a way.

In the UK, people understand the concepts of dry spells and water shortages.  Last summer, the prolonged period without rain dried out lots of gardens (although not those with a Rosewood irrigation system!).  Many of us lost valued plants.  Some areas banned hosepipes, so we had to wash our cars the old-fashioned way, with bucket and sponge.  Most of us had to pay a few pence extra for fresh produce because the hot weather affected availability.  These relatively small issues crop up every time we have a hot summer.

However, none of these problems make a serious impact on our lives.  We always have water to drink, to cook with, and to wash with.  We can use water in almost any way we deem necessary.  So what if during a ‘drought’ the authorities encourage us to recycle the bathwater and use it to flush the loo?  Really, we should be thankful that we have bathwater in the first place.  Here in the UK, we can have no real idea what it must be like to manage with little or no access to the world’s most precious commodity.

Across our planet, there are nearly two billion people who are in that dreadful position.  These people are without access to safe water in any form.   At Rosewood we’re shocked to imagine what this must be like.  We would like to take this opportunity to encourage our clients to visit the Water Is Life website, where you can read about initiatives to end the global water crisis.  You can use this link

and find out more about the mission to bring safe water by 2020 to a billion people who don’t currently have it.  Rosewood would love to see a world where this issue was resolved and we’re sure you would too.