How Does Irrigation Help My Garden

If you’re asking yourself ‘How does irrigation help my garden?’ you probably aren’t alone.  It might seem a big investment to make when you aren’t sure about the benefits.  Hopefully our ‘Best of 2023’ photo at the start of this post will make you see the results with your own eyes.  Below, we’ll list some of the ways irrigation helps your garden thrive, but the images speak for themselves!

So, what are the benefits?

There’s one advantage to having an irrigation system that we hardly need to mention.  That’s the time it saves you in watering your plants.  In a tiny garden that might not mean much, but in a large garden it makes a huge difference.  We might love the occasional potter round with a watering can, of course.  However, that turns into a massive chore if you have to spend an hour or more each day making sure your plants aren’t thirsty in dry conditions.  If you want to potter round the garden, that’s great, but do it because you want to, not because you have to!

The second benefit of a well-designed irrigation system such as Rosewood provides is that every plant gets exactly the right amount of water.  Multi-zone systems allow us to set up automatic watering that provides the correct amount, at the right intervals, and at the right time for each different zone.  Of course we all know that an annual flower doesn’t need the same watering as a specimen tree.  Likewise a native British shrub won’t have the same requirements as a tropical plant.  We consider each garden carefully, and create separate zones for lawns, borders, trees and the rest.

But what about wasted water?  And what happens if the weather is already wet?

With a good-quality garden irrigation set-up, there is next-to-nothing wasted.  A third benefit of irrigation is that every drop is targeted correctly!  We use different methods to place the water where it needs to be, but each method ensures that it’s the correct plants receive it.  It won’t be spilled on surrounding earth, weeds or paving.   And there’s no need to worry about watering needlessly.  In wet weather, rain sensors stop the system switching on if the ground is soaked and no further watering is required at that time.

Yet another advantage of garden irrigation is that different methods of automatic watering get used.  Every plant thrives best under its favourite watering conditions, and we consider this carefully.  We might, for example, choose pop-up sprinklers for lawns, root watering devices for trees, and various other possibilities.  We have gentle spray-heads on risers for delicate planting that prefers watering that mimics soft rainfall from above.  Alternatively, we can use dripline that sits on the soil surface, or other types that are buried under the ground.  Everything depends on what your plants need!

All in all, irrigation saves you time, saves water compared with manual methods of watering, and therefore saves you money!  Not to mention that your plants will be healthier, your garden will look better, and you can sit back and enjoy it without the effort!  We think that’s well worth paying for!