Irrigate your vegetables!

Vegetables like automatic irrigation too!

You are probably aware of how a pop-up sprinkler system that irrigates the grass automatically will benefit lawns.  However, you may not realise that irrigation helps ALL plants thrive.  Food crops really welcome the automatic delivery of exactly the right amounts of water on a timed basis.  We say ‘Irrigate your vegetables!’

RHS Advice

The Royal Horticultural Society says that vegetables, being fast-growing crops, need regular watering as this ‘ensures that all stages of development, from seedling to mature crop are unchecked’. You can read the rest of their advice here: RHS advice on watering vegetables.  Basically though, they advise that providing exactly the right amount of water for your vegetables results in better crops and healthier plants.  Common sense really, but not always easy to do unless you’re able to spend all your time tending to the garden.  This is where an irrigation system comes in.

What kind of irrigation works best?

Our photo shows a vegetable garden area composed of raised beds irrigated using micro-spray heads.  These are tiny sprinkler heads which deliver a softer jet of water than a large sprinkler, thus avoiding damage to tender plants.  The timer sets the mini sprinklers to come on at regular intervals, according to what the plants require.  As you can see from the picture, our engineers check the system thoroughly after installation before leaving you.

We hope you’ll be delighted with how your vegetables grow with a Rosewood irrigation system.  Just be careful as you look out next morning, in case there’s a beanstalk with a giant at the top!