Irrigation for container gardens

Did your patio plants disappoint you this year?  Irrigation for container gardens makes all the difference.  The beautiful courtyard garden above showcases the benefits of using irrigation for your pots and planters.  Watering a container garden by hand isn’t as easy as it sounds!  Pots dry out very quickly and require more frequent watering than beds and borders.  However, it’s easy to overcompensate for this and end up giving the precious plants in your container garden too MUCH water.  A carefully-designed irrigation system tailored specifically to these needs is the perfect solution.  At Rosewood we are used to dealing with the very specific requirements of containers.  Whether they are giant pots containing specimen trees, or pretty little hanging baskets packed with summer flowers, we can help your plants thrive.   With a Rosewood system, next year your containers will be the envy of all who see them.  Take a look at our courtyard garden case study here.

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