Irrigation for Gardens Without Access

Worried about access to your garden?  No back gate or side access from the front? Have you discounted the possibility of getting an irrigation system installed as a result?  Don’t do that!  Irrigation for gardens without access is possible.  Our specially-designed equipment means we can still fit a system in such situations.

At Rosewood the machinery we use during installations is all designed to fit through a standard interior doorway.  This applies to our turf cutter, which we use for removing neat squares of turf prior to laying pipes.  It is also true for our trencher, which we use to dig narrow trenches for the pipes to sit in.  When there’s no alternative access to a rear garden we simply come through the house.  If you look at our photos you will see how easy it is for us to do this when necessary.

Worried then that we’ll make a mess indoors?  You can rest assured that if we need to bring our machinery through your house, we’ll take the same care that you would yourself.  We try to avoid mess and disruption, and always clean up after ourselves, whether we’re indoors or out, so if we’re inside your home, we’ll take extra care.

Why not give Rosewood a call if you’ve realised that you could have irrigation after all?  You can read more about Our Services first, or simply speak to us about what’s possible.    Automatic watering helps gardens thrive, so if you love your garden, get in touch!