Irrigation for Raised Beds

Why raised beds?

Even a small garden often has several different kinds of planting in it, and there are many different options for how to grow your plants.  One useful method is using raised beds.  These can be of any height, but the soil is always higher than surrounding soil, which has several possible benefits.  Raised beds are a good option if your soil is less than ideal for what you want to grow.  For example, you may need enriched soil for certain plants.  Alternatively you may require soil that’s more acid, or less acid, or better-drained.  Raised beds can be filled with whatever soil you want, so you can tailor the growing medium to the planting.  Obviously, this can be a great idea, but next you have to think about watering.  What’s best in the way of irrigation for raised beds?

How to water

Once again, it’s best to decide on how to water your beds depending on what you’re growing in them.  However, one very useful method of irrigation in these circumstances is the use of micro sprays.  These are spray heads on short risers that cover a wider radius than emitters.  This means they can water several plants in one go.  We often set them to cover the whole width of the bed, thus allowing a simple line of them down the length, covering the whole area of the soil.  With thirsty plants such as flowers and salad leaves, micro sprays work particularly well.

So, if you’d like help with irrigating your raised beds, or any other style of planting, just get in touch with us at Rosewood.  We’ll be happy to discuss your requirements and set up a no-obligation quotation appointment if you would like one.  We’re in the office 9-5, Monday to Friday, so please give us a call.  Alternatively you can fill out the website contact form and we’ll get back to you during office hours.  What are you waiting for?  Your garden will thank you!