Irrigation Installation in Winter

Ask most people from abroad what they know about British weather, and they’ll tell you it’s rainy!   The stereotypical picture is of a wet climate, with global warming, the story is changing.  Now, and probably moving forward, summers are becoming progressively hotter and drier everywhere. But garden irrigation will at least keep your own plot of land reliably green.  It’s no wonder people are increasingly interested in obtaining a high-quality system that avoids wasting water and keeps plants thriving.  We understand that irrigation may not be uppermost in people’s minds during the winter.  After all, despite climate change, winter is definitely still wet!  So, we’d like to remind you all of the reasons why we think that garden irrigation installation in winter is better than in summer.

Why install in winter?

There are two main reasons that make winter installation a great option for garden irrigation systems.  First, there’s the fact that the work will be booked in sooner.  In spring we’re extremely busy with start-up services for our existing maintenance clients.  Then as soon as those are done, we have a rush of enquiries as drier weather becomes prolonged.  People want an irrigation system installed as soon as possible once they see drought on the horizon!  We have so much work at that point that we can find it hard to fit new clients in for many weeks ahead.  By contrast, if you book an installation in winter, we’ll be able to come out to do the work much sooner.

Along with the availability factor, you might also want to consider a biological issue.  Perennial plants, shrubs and trees have a dormant phase during the winter.  During this non-growing period, your established planting will be much less affected by any disturbance from the installation.  Of course, at any time of year we take care to avoid any damage whatsoever to existing plants, but in some cases a small amount of disturbance may prove unavoidable for certain individual plants.  In winter even the more delicate plants are usually capable of withstanding this.

Visitors love our ‘green and pleasant land’, which depends on regular rainfall to keep it that way. Sadly, climate change may force us to sing about England’s ‘brown and dusty’ land instead.  What a terrible thought!  A carefully designed irrigation system keeps your garden green but is incredibly efficient in terms of water use.  So we all want one!  Let us reinforce that for both the reasons above, booking a winter irrigation installation is a great idea!

But what if there’s bad weather when my installation is booked?

At Rosewood we work right through the winter, apart from our annual fortnight off while the office is closed over Christmas and New Year.  We go out and install in all weathers – even snow – so we don’t cancel any bookings unless we literally cannot get there (if roads are closed, for example).  Wind, rain, sleet, snow, hail: we’ve worked through them all!!  Perhaps if there were a hurricane, or an unexpected volcanic eruption, we’d have to cancel, but we are not fazed by any normal British weather.  You can go ahead and book a winter installation without worrying that it will be affected.

So, to encourage installations right now, we’d like to offer 10% off any new installations booked in during February.  This means that the bookings are made in February – the work doesn’t have to to be completed this month.  If you’d like to take advantage of this offer, please be sure to mention the offer when you first get in touch.  We’ll take 10% off the price of our quotation.  But hurry, you don’t have long left!  Call us today on 01727 811448 – our friendly office team is waiting to hear from you.