Irrigation makes flowers you could paint!

Irrigation is not the only way to keep your garden beautiful, but it can be a huge help.  A Rosewood system applies water in a controlled and regular way.  It applies it in the right locations so that your plants can take it up.  And if you have a rain sensor, it stays switched off if nature has watered the garden for you, avoiding OVER-watering.  Your plants will thrive, and if you’re growing them for their flowers, healthy plants flower best.  We photographed these stunning flowers in gardens we’ve worked in recently and we thought they were so gorgeous we needed to share them.  The lily reminded us of a painting by Georgia O’Keeffe (20th century American painter well known for her flower paintings).  So we’ve found you a picture – that way you can share the comparison.  If you like art as well as gardening, irrigation makes flowers you could paint!

It looks like we’re set for a warm dry weekend, so get out there and enjoy your gardens.  You can be safe in the knowledge that dry spells are irrelevant when you have an irrigation system.  If you don’t have one, give Rosewood a call on 01727 811448!