Irrigation Reviews and Testimonials

At Rosewood we often say that complete customer satisfaction is our top priority.  But how do we measure our success in this area?  It’s easy to see whether our irrigation systems do what they’re supposed to do, which is helping gardens thrive.  Likewise, we can tell whether we’ve repaired a broken system successfully.  We can also judge whether we’ve shut down a system for the winter in the proper way.  Looking at the practical side of our business provides a good test of our technical know how.  It allows us to make sure we’re doing the work properly.  However, it doesn’t tell us whether our clients are happy with us as a company.  The best measure we have for their satisfaction is the irrigation reviews and testimonials we receive.

Check out our reviews!

We get plenty of irrigation reviews on Trustpilot, Google, etc, and we also hear feedback from clients via email.  Judging by what they say to us, we’re doing a good job!  These lovely reviews and testimonials make us very happy.  However, if customers were disappointed in any aspect of our service, we would be keen to hear that too.  If we received any feedback that was anything less than excellent, we would review our work and customer interactions.  That way, we could attempt to provide complete customer satisfaction once again.

We’re sharing two recent feedback communications that we’ve received.  These were both sent by email, each one  after a routine irrigation start-up appointment.  Both clients were clearly impressed by the dedication and friendliness demonstrated by our staff.  As usual, we’re so proud of all our team members.  Whenever we need to employ new personnel, we look for personal qualities as much as experience.  After all, it’s possible to train inexperienced staff to achieve high levels of technical expertise.  However, no amount of technical know-how can make someone customer-friendly, good at working in a team, or helpful and full of initiative, if they aren’t already.  Being proud of our staff comes easily because they’re great people!

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