Irrigation Shutdown and Service

At this time of year we’re busy finishing our clients’ irrigation shutdown and service visits.  Most people who have garden irrigation systems know the importance of shutting them down for the winter.  We can’t stress enough that it’s vital to do it.  It’s also vital to get it done properly!

Why is the winter shutdown so important?

If you consider the weather during the late autumn and winter, it’s unlikely in this country that you’ll need to water the garden.  This means there’s really no need for irrigation during that period.  However, that’s not why it needs shutting down for the winter.  Like any other pipes carrying water, those in your garden irrigation system could burst if water freezes inside them.  During the winter, this is very much a possibility, and the system could be irreparably damaged if it were to happen.

Get it done properly

Of course, you can perform the irrigation shutdown yourself.  However, if you choose Rosewood to do it for you, you can expect it to be done properly.  We check that all elements of your irrigation are working efficiently and drain down the system.  Where necessary, we also remove any individual components that need to be protected over the winter, such as electrical controllers.  As a result, we put your system to bed confident that everything is in optimum condition ready for the startup in spring.

If you want to be sure your system is properly maintained, call us to set up a regular shutdown and startup service.  It’s simple for you, and you can rest in the knowledge that your irrigation system has been properly dealt with.