Irrigation solutions for different areas of your garden

At Rosewood we specialise in irrigation.  We don’t do landscaping, or mowing lawns, or general gardening.  Irrigation is our job, and we aim to be the best.  It’s our responsibility to find the most useful irrigation solutions for different areas of your garden and we take that seriously.  You can rest assured that we know our stuff.  So put your garden watering in our capable hands and let us design a system to suit your exact requirements.  Perhaps you need pop-up sprinklers that water your lawn and then sink down so that mowing is still a simple matter?  Dripline in beds and borders to soak the area evenly ensuring that each plant gets enough water individually?  Misters that create a fine spray over foliage and flowers for shrubs that like to be kept damp?  Root watering systems for directing water further into the ground under specimen trees?  Pot drippers for your patio containers?  We draw on these and many other solutions until we come up with a system exactly tailored to you and your plants.

You can rely on Rosewood to install the system you need, and then to maintain it carefully so that it keeps your garden watered properly for many years to come.  You can read more by clicking through to our Our Services page.  Then give us a call on 01727 811448 to book a quotation appointment. We’d love to hear from you