Is your soil dry despite the rain?

It rained a lot this month, but don’t think you can relax regarding the watering!  Even after heavy downpours on several days in succession, your garden might not be as well watered as you think.   If trees and shrubs don’t perk up much even after rain, it indicates that they might still be thirsty.  The surface of your lawns and borders could look saturated but, just a few inches down, the earth could be totally dry.  If that’s the case, the roots of your grass and plants can’t find water in the quantities they need.

The photograph illustrates the point perfectly.  We took it during an installation last week, because we wanted to share what we found.  When we dug the trenches in this garden to lay the necessary pipework, we could see that although it had rained almost constantly during the few days beforehand, the soil was bone dry only a short distance below the surface.

Yours is quite possibly the same!

A well-designed irrigation system combats this problem, since it introduces water to the soil in the correct quantities at regular times, sometimes on the surface but also below the surface where the plant roots can reach it easily.  We target every drop to exactly the place where it is needed.  This makes a huge difference to how plants can utilise this precious resource.

We really can assist!  Give Rosewood a call on 01727 811448 if you are interested in finding out how an irrigation system could help your garden thrive.