We look after your garden – tidy, courteous & careful

At Rosewood, we understand how important it is for us to look after your garden when we’re on site.  You really want an irrigation system designed and installed, and you’ve chosen Rosewood.  But we know it’s nerve-wracking to imagine lawns and flowerbeds being dug up and left like a bomb-site.  So we’re here to reassure you that we never do that.  Of course we have to dig trenches to lay the pipework for the system.  Of course that involves some disruption and mess.  However, we’re very careful to replace everything exactly as we found it.  Once we finish, you’d hardly know we’d been there.

Look at the pictures

We’re sharing a set of photographs from an installation in Bishop’s Stortford last week, showing various stages of the installation of pipes under a lawn area.  You can see that the work does not involve as much upheaval as you might expect, and that afterwards, everything looks almost identical to how it did before we started.  Where turf is lifted, we lay aside cut squares in sequence and replace them exactly where they were. You can find out more about this by clicking through to read about Our Process.  On the same page you can also view a great picture of a square of turf in beautiful close up!  However, the photographs on this post speak for themselves, despite the fact that it’s November, so before we even began, the grass was not as beautiful as it will look in the summer.  Especially once the irrigation system is doing its work!

Read the reviews

As further reassurance, you might like to know that many of our reviews mention the fact that we’re clean and tidy and restore clients’ gardens to the way they look before work proceeds.  The following examples are from two recent Google reviews:

“…the Rosewood team dug up lawn, crazy paving, rockeries and I couldn’t bear to look; BUT now – you cannot see the joins, they put everything back sometimes better than before. They are a great team of lovely guys. THANK YOU. Highly recommend this company, even before I see the sprinklers working!”

“…Thoroughly professional outfit. We just had a fairly large irrigation system installed and you’d hardly know it to look at the garden. Design was thoughtful, the team were tidy, courteous and careful and the work was completed really quickly.”

So, there’s nothing to be afraid of!  What are you waiting for?  Give Rosewood a call on 01727 811448 and book your installation today!