Machines are great, but sometimes you need hands…

At Rosewood we love both our red turf-cutting machine, and our yellow trenching machine (in fact we love our trencher so much that we’re the UK distributor – find out more here: Trenchers).  They both do what you’d expect.  The turf-cutter enables us to lift neat squares of turf that are easy to replace once the work is done.  The trencher cuts a narrow trench so that we can put the underground pipework in place.  These tasks would be far more difficult if we had to do them without the right equipment.   They save us time and allow us to do a neater, more efficient job.

However, at Rosewood we like the human touch.  To make the difference between a good job and an outstanding one, nothing can make the subtle adjustments necessary apart from an installer who knows what they’re doing.  Machines are great, but sometimes you need hands – and a brain.

We believe that our highly-trained team-leaders are the best, and that the skills they pass on to the rest of the Rosewood engineers make us the best choice when you’re considering which irrigation company to use.  As a small company we choose our workforce carefully and ensure that each member of the team aims to reach the high standards we set.  You can relax, and know your garden is in good hands!

You can find our Contact details here. Why not drop us a line or call us today on 01727 811448 to arrange a quotation?