Maintenance for Garden Irrigation

We think regular maintenance for garden irrigation systems is crucial, for many reasons.  If you have a Rosewood maintenance contract we come twice a year to look after all aspects of your system.  Garden irrigation systems definitely need draining down for the winter.  This avoids the danger of water freezing inside and damaging pipework or electrical components.  Components and repairs can be expensive, so better safe than sorry!  In spring, of course, systems need starting up again.  But we don’t just turn off a tap at the start of the winter and turn it on again when the weather warms up!

At both maintenance service visits we conduct a thorough check-over of all parts, and replace any components in the unlikely event of something failing.  We also test the whole system to ensure it’s still working to its full potential.  We can make simple adjustments, allowing us to fine-tune your irrigation and retain optimum performance.  All these checks are standard Rosewood maintenance procedure.  However, sometimes the checks we make throw up non-standard issues…

Like what?

Last week we were searching for an underground valve box that was hard to find.  Once we uncovered it, we realised that all was not well!  Valve boxes hold the solenoid valves for irrigation system zones, keeping them free of earth even though they’re buried under the ground.  In this case, a colony of ants had worked immensely hard to fill the valve box with earth!

Clearing out the box wasn’t difficult.  However, if we hadn’t done the thorough checks we like to undertake, we might not have suspected the problem.  The issue with the valve box might have compromised the performance of the client’s system, leading to a frustrated customer.  And we really hate that!  Rosewood engineers are trained to leave every client completely happy with our systems, our workmanship, and our customer service.  Ants can’t beat us!!!