Meditative Rose Painting – Art for June

At Rosewood we know that our clients love plants and flowers.  As a result, during 2021 we have been sharing 20th century flower paintings by famous artists.  (Something you know if you’ve been following our social media or reading our blog regularly).  In June, there are flowers in abundance everywhere, but roses are particularly beautiful at this point in the year.  We decided that a rose painting would therefore be the perfect choice for this month.  So, Rosewood’s art for June is Salvador Dali’s Meditative Rose, painted in 1958.

Most of you will know Dali’s surrealist images, like the melting clocks in The Persistence of Memory, so it won’t surprise you that this rose painting is not just a simple still life.  In Dali’s painting, the rose is a huge, intricately painted object hovering above a landscape.  A pair of lovers are on the ground beneath the rose, indicating that it is a symbol representing the power of love.  However, as usual for Dali, the image is painted in a highly realistic way.

If you’d like to know more about the artist, visit the website Dali Paintings.

If you’d like some irrigation for your own roses, you can give Rosewood a call, or visit our Contact page to send us a message!