More efficient irrigation systems

At Rosewood, we approach every installation with the same commitment to our clients.  Of course we make technical excellence a priority.  However, in aiming for that, we consider not just the end result, but also the way we work, and how that affects our clients.  Being respectful of the fact that this is our customer’s own space is important.  And keeping each task as neat and tidy as possible doesn’t only minimise disruption during the installation period.  It also creates better-looking and more efficient irrigation systems as an end result.

How does that work?

Rosewood installation engineers pay attention to the details in every way.   If we need to dig a trench, we work in a straight line and cut the narrowest width possible.  We also make sure any turf we’ve removed gets replaced exactly where it came from, ensuring invisible joins.  We keep our vehicles, machinery and equipment clean and well maintained, so everything works properly.  And most importantly, we work in the opposite of a haphazard way.

Andy designs systems with different irrigation methods in different zones.  There might be pop-up sprinklers installed for the lawn area.  We could use dripline in beds and borders to drip water by the roots of each plant.  Both these methods are visible in the photos with these posts.  Spray heads on risers work well for plants that like to be watered from above.  Basically, we can utilise many different ways of watering.  But what’s important is that despite all these possibilities, and that various approaches might be taken, every member of the Rosewood team knows exactly what they’re meant to be doing and how to do it.

Taking care with every single tiny aspect of a job, whichever part they’re responsible for, is something every engineer is used to.  We train new team members to work to the same high standards as our longer-serving staff.  That way, Rosewood irrigation systems stay the most carefully designed, carefully installed and most efficient in the business.

If you’d like to find out more about having an automatic watering system in your garden, give us a ring as soon as possible!  Call us any time Monday to Friday, 9-5, and our friendly office staff will answer any questions you have.