Multi-zone valve box installation

On a recent job in Penn, Buckinghamshire, we took the opportunity to photograph the process of installing a multi-zone valve box.  This involved preparing the box for a six-zone garden irrigation system, before installing it as unobtrusively as possible.

Why multi-zones?

First of all, you might be asking why an irrigation system needs different zones.  Let us explain.  When we plan a new installation, we look very carefully at the planting and location of the garden.  Each plant needs watering differently, and we take that into account.  It’s obvious that areas of lawn, for example, have different watering requirements to a vegetable patch, a specimen tree or a bed of shrubs.  We group plants with similar needs in one zone, so that when the time comes to set up the timings, we can use different settings for each zone.

What does the valve-box do?

So, for this system, we grouped the garden planting into six zones.  This means that we set up six valves in the valve box, allowing water to flow into each zone separately.  One zone might need to receive water once a day for twenty minutes, another might need only five minutes but twice a day, etc etc.  The system controller, which is easy to program and use, switches the zones on at the correct time, so the valves open and water flows through.  When the controller switches off that zone, the valve shuts off the flow.  Simple!

Making the box unobtrusive

The valve box is not the prettiest object in the world, let’s face it.  However, it performs a great job, so we have to include it!  We do our best to avoid anything unsightly being visible.  After all, the client wants to maintain an attractive garden or they wouldn’t require an irrigation system in the first place.  We can’t bury a valve box completely, as we need to access it for maintenance purposes.  What we can do, however, is bury it to the point where only the lid is visible.

Our photos show the process starting with choosing an unobtrusive location and digging the hole.  Next we position the valve box in the correct place and install the pipework leading to and from it.  Then we fill in around the box, covering the external pipework and reaching almost to the top.  Once the lid is fitted, we can finish filling in the rest of the earth.  The final picture shows the finished installation, with only the lid visible.  Although the box needs to remain accessible, the surrounding area can be planted with small shrubs, making the valve box invisible at a casual glance.

Like any other job we do as part of the process of installing irrigation, we keep things as neat and tidy as possible.  That applies before, during and after the work is done.  Our customers expect nothing less from Rosewood engineers.  If you’re considering an irrigation system but are worried about the disruption or how it will look, you can rely on us.  Do give us a call and we can reassure you and answer any questions you might have.  The number is 01727 811448 – we’re waiting to hear from you!