New year of garden art

Rosewood brings you a new year of garden art

Now that we’ve reached 2020, it’s time for Rosewood to bring you a new year of garden art.  Last year we showed you, month-by-month, the delightful ‘Belle Jardiniere’ calendar by Eugene Grasset.  (Those beautiful pictures are still visible if you click on the link to our Blog and scroll back through to find them).  This year Rosewood are going to share works by another Frenchman.   He is not only one of the most famous artists of the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, but also one of the most famous gardeners too.

Claude Monet’s garden at Giverny

Claude Monet created a marvellous garden at his home in Giverny, now a big tourist attraction receiving more than half a million visitors a year.  He painted many of his most famous works there, including his waterlily series and paintings of the Japanese bridge over the lily pond.  Of course Monet painted many other subjects, but he returned to his garden over and over again.  There are about 250 paintings of the waterlilies alone!  As well as working in his own garden, Monet loved to sit in the natural landscape and paint the changing seasons.


So, for this month, Rosewood is sharing a beautiful winter landscape with you.  This painting, ‘Frost’ painted in 1880, is our January offering in this new year of garden art.  We’ll bring you another Monet garden masterpiece next month!