No-disruption Irrigation Installation

It’s no surprise that potential irrigation customers might have some reservations about having a system installed.  There’s no escaping the fact that a pop-up lawn sprinkler system involves digging up the lawn to install it!  We think it’s natural to worry about the bother and upheaval involved.  Will your garden ever look the same again?  However, we’re confident that you have nothing to worry about.  Once you understand Rosewood’s no-disruption irrigation installation, we hope all your fears will be allayed.

To begin with, we keep the inconvenience to our clients to a minimum, ensuring that your garden won’t be out of action.  Also, we always do our utmost to reinstate every element of your garden exactly as it was before we started work.  There are very few situations where we can’t achieve this aim.  If we’re digging trenches for pipework in a lawn, we take great care every step of the way.

How do we start?

First we check for utility pipes and mark out where these run so we can avoid them.  The next step is laying the pipework for the irrigation system itself.   To do this, we use our turfcutting machine to cut neat squares from the lawn.  We set these carefully to one side in order.  Each square sits next to the place it was cut from.  That way it’s easy to replace them in the right spot once we’re done.  Once the turf has been removed, we use our trencher to dig a narrow trench, again putting the earth to the side of the trench so it’s ready to re-use.  We lay the pipes in the trenches, then backfill them with the earth we’ve removed.  Nearly there now!

The final step

Last but not least, we replace the turf.  We take each square and put it back exactly where it came from.  By the time we’re finished, you can barely see that we’ve been working there.  Look at the photos accompanying this post and you will see what we mean. The picture on the left shows a job halfway through an installation, and the one on the right shows the lawn area once the work is complete.  If you were standing nearby and looked very closely at the lawn, you might notice tiny gaps between some of the squares, but within a couple of weeks these will have disappeared as the lawn continues to grow, delighted by the new automatic watering!