November Garden Art from Rosewood

This month, time in the garden seems to involve lots of tidying up, and similar jobs.  We spend ages sweeping up leaves, pulling out dead annuals, clearing rubbish, weeding, and beginning the winter pruning tasks.  These are chores we have to do, and often in the rain and the cold.  Take heart though.  Here’s some November garden art from Rosewood to remind you that November is still beautiful.  When it shines, the low winter sun illuminates the rich gold and orange of the dying leaves.  Some flowers at least remain.  Trees may have increasingly bare branches, but the red of the last fruits of autumn is visible: rosehips and berries are still plentiful.

As always, Grasset’s Belle Jardiniere illustrations reflect the beauty of the month.  Enjoy every changing season as it comes, because each month has its own special qualities.  We should relish them all.  As well as the November garden art, we’ve posted all the preceding months, so if you’d like to see more of Grasset’s gardening pictures, you can look back over the blog posts starting with the January Belle Jardiniere

Look out for December’s illustration next month, and in the meantime, enjoy your gardens whatever the weather!